Dr. Tanoy Bose

MD (General Medicine), Chief Clinical Co-ordinator MRCP Ireland
Interventional Rheumatologist and Immunologist
Member of Association of Physicians of India (API)
Member of Indian Rheumatology Association (IRA)


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Patient's Feedback


Dr. Tanoy Bose has been doing most satisfactory diagnosis of different patients with his soft & polite behavior, half the disease automatically disappear which I personally very much impressed. He is also extending his advice regarding any sorts of questions for his patients through modern electronic applications. I wish all success for Dr.Tanay Bose & hope he will continue doing that in future also.

Raja Chakraborty, Dec 24, 2015


Dr. Tanoy Bose is a nice doctor whom a patient can trust. He has an exceptional sense of responsibility that has caused him to spend consecutive days caring for patients. His abilities allow him to work with patients of all ages and his effectiveness knows no age bracket.

Sutirtha, Dec 19, 2015


He is a young doctor with good medical acumen. His diagnosis is very good so far I have seen. Overall he being a good human being follows the medical ethos as much as possible. I would say with his experience he is a very good doctor

Soumen Mondal, Feb 1, 2016


My experience with Dr. Tanoy Bose is incredible- makes him a class above than rest of the industry.

Dr. Sumit Datta, Dec 22, 2015


I consulted Dr. Bose only after I got his information in PRACTO. And I must say that I am very satisfied with his management skill. As I can see in other reviews that everybody has discussed in detail about there disease, I will also take some time to compose this review as my daughter is suffering from one of these rare diseases called SOJIA [ Systemic Onset Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis ] .. I had to do quite a bit of internet research for this term :P.

Actually it all started when my daughter was 11 years old and suffered bouts of fever and joint pain and her condition was so severe that she needed hospitalisation everytime she had such attacks. She developed red swollen joints of lower limbs and would run high fever for days without any improvement inspite of antibiotics and other medicines.

We consulted quite a lot of paediatrics and even thought that she might be suffering some kind of cancer as was suggested by some orthopaedicians. However, after a toil of 3 years and internet research I came to know that it is a rheumatological condition and we should consult a rheumatologist rather than ortho or paediatricians.

This SOJIA was first diagnosed by Dr. Bose and that too in the first visit. She responded to his treatment dramatically and he told me that he was giving steroids as this disease responds well to steroids.

MY daughter is back to school and academics and is much playful now. She is on a once a week injections with a few tablets and relatively free from steroids for last 6 months and doing well.

So far as Rheumatology and Internal Medicine is concerned, I would always recommend Dr. Bose for his excellent clinical acumen.

P Gomes

Dr. Tanoy Bose replied

Thanks Ms. Gome for your valuable feedback. Do keep a good care of your health.


Visited For Joint and Muscle Problems, Arthritis

Actually I got in contact with Dr Bose only after going through other reviews in PRACTO only. And this review is on behalf on my mother. I paid a visit to me without my mother as she was bed ridden for last 5 months due to extremely painful Rheumatoid Arthritis . I would like to admit that we did a lot of research and were misdirected quite a few times and visited Ayurveds, Homoeopaths, Accupunctures also. Even we found Zilaxo extremely poor in handling rheumatoid arthritis.

When I visited his clinic, obviously he wanted to see the patient. Now I understand that it is very difficult to prescribe for a disease without seeing a patient. Somehow, he got convinced with my plea and went through all the reports. He also insisted me to communicate over whatsapp and send imgaes of my mother. He planned a follow up after 3 months [That actually surprised me]. We started his medicines as per his directions.

My mother made a slow recovery but it was miraculous at the end of 2 months of treatment when I found her completely back into life with no limitation of activity and movement. It was astonishing to find a 5 month long bed ridden lady jumping back to life with only medicines.

She indeed has got some aches and pains in her joints but that is negligible to the amount of recovery she has done.

I will always be extremely thankful to Dr. Bose for he has almost given a new life to my mother. She walks, breaks stairs, goes to market, does aerobics etc and formost she is out of any form of mental depression.

P K Sethi

Dr. Tanoy Bose replied

Yes, Mr. Sethi, Your mothered made a very good recovery. In fact, I am lucky that she did not develop side effects to the medicines as you know that the Disease Modifying Anti Rheumatoid Drugs have a good lot of side effects.
I hope she maintains her good health and stays agile on her feet all through.


Visited For Joint Pain, Rheumatic Arthritis

I was suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis and we had visited quite a few doctors of repute in Kolkata and I was put on Mithotrexates, HCQX, Saazo and Folvic . But there was no good relief of her pain. 3 months back my knee joint got swollen and was painful. But over last 3 months after consulting 3 doctors I was every time put on Steroid medicine and the same group of tablets by each doctor. I was almost feeling hopeless seeing my suffering.

I got to know this doctor from Practo and sought an appointment which was easy. After I visited him he examined my knee which was swollen and painful. There was a swelling just behind the knee joint too. He immediately did an Ultrasound of the knee in his clinic at Hiland Park and a big cyst was found probably baker's cyst. He showed the picture to my husband too and compared the picture of both the knees.

He drew some fluid from the cyst which was absolutely painless. After the fluid was removed approximately 7ml I got a significant relief of pain and swelling. He stopped Methotrexates and steroids and asked us to get the fluid examined. Only if the fluid showed that there is no infection he will again draw the rest of fluid and inject steroid in the joint. We are waiting for the reports.

What I want to highlight that in spite of such an advancement of the medical technology , there are reputed doctors who are yet to adapt the development. Other wise I would have been well diagnosed quite ahead of time.

Needless to say that we are extremely thankful to Dr. Bose. We came to him with lots of hope and he simply outscored other doctors by his excellent clinical approach. In fact none of the other doctors have ever found time to see my affected knee. He spent a complete one hour with us until the entire process of consultation and USG was completed. I would always recommend him for Rheumatology issues.


Dr. Tanoy Bose replied

Thanks Miss Naina for your feed. Hope that you jump back to normalcy soon.


Visited For Fibromyalgia

First of all I would like to tell that , if you go through the review, you will realise that why people from Bangladesh are coming to India to get better treatment as because we never ever got so much of time, attention and briefing from any doctor in Bangladesh which we got with this doctor.

I was refered to this doctor by two of my friends who discovered that they are suffering from a disorder called Fibromyalgia which I had never heard of. My problem was intense headache that developed on exposure to sun, deprived sleep, noise, odour etc. Apart from these, I was suffering from a sense of low mental state, energy and immense lethargy. There was continuous back and body pain which never responded to calcium and vitamin D suppliments which was repeatedly prescribed by Orthopaedicians and other physicians. The life seemed to be doomed and I realised that depression was seting in.

This was the time when I met Dr. Bose under strong recommendations from two of my friends and as per Dr. Bose , I was suffering from a Heightened Pain Sensitivity Syndrome other wise called Fibromyalgia. Even Migraine is a one pattern of pain sensitivity problem and I thought at last there was a diagnosis to the problems I am suffering from.

I was put on Fluoxetine and Flunarizine along with Propranolol and was asked to review after 6 weeks. In fact such a long follow up surprised me. I just realised that these medicines are slow acting and show their peak action after 3 weeks minimum.

I think I am reborn. I am pain free and headache free. I just can't believe that this is me.

I am immensely thankful to Dr. Bose for his service and will always vouch for him in any medical issues.


Baby Alam

Dr. Tanoy Bose replied

Thank you Ms. Alam. I must say that you are doing well because you have responded good to the prescribed medicines. Not every body respond so well to the same group of medicines. But as you know, once you respond, you feel like reborn. I have got similar feeds from many other Fibromyalgia patients. Most of them are doing good.


I have reviewed quite a few doctors and healthcare institutions but what I have found here is unique and consider this review to be quite genuine. I was suffering from a disease FIBROMYALGIA which I never knew even after consulting almost 14 consultants of various disciplines including Neurologist, Orthopedics, Internal Medicine etc. I an vouch that most of you haven't yet heard of the disease but I can tell you, it is perhaps the most common disorder among the females in our country.

I used have a generalised sense of lethargy, dissatisfaction, poor sleep, off and on Headaches, lack of energy, Low back pain, poor bowel habits... as if I was not enjoying the day to day life at all. I though it was a depression and consultant psychiatrists even.

Dr. Bose was the one who explained me that all these together constitute a syndrome called Fibromyalgia which often have overlap with Migraine, Irritable Bowel and Generalised Body ache and increased sensitivity to pain and environmental triggers. Another such disorder is called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I am sure that almost 70% of females are suffering from such a problem which had remain unanswered hitherto.

I am on regular medications and life style changes as advised by Dr. Bose and I will remain ever indebted to him for giving me a result which I would consider as good as a fresh NEW LIFE.

No doubt I will be seeing him again with few of my friends and relatives.


Dr. Tanoy Bose replied

That was a very helpful feedback Ms. Sunita. May God bless you.


Visited For Ankylosing Spondylitis

I was suffering from Low back Pain for last 6 years which was extremely disabling early in the morning and I was almost completely immobile early in the morning but improved with exercise. I had consulted so many doctors but there was no sustainable cure.

Almost after these 6 years later, I realised that it was a totally wrong idea to knock the Orthopedics guys. After discussing with Dr. Bose, I came to know that due to improper management, my disease has progressed a bit. The name was Ankylosing Spondylosis.

I was put on Biologics Injection which was covered by my mediclaim thankfully. Otherwise, it was very difficult for us to bear the cost.

To my utter disbelief, I am reborn now. There is no pain as if it was never there.

He spends enough time with his patients and provided information booklet or documents written by himself in a simplified manner. Further, digital prescriptions, generic medicines, limited invstigations, 24X7 telephonic avalability are hard to find in a doctor these days.

Thank you Dr. Bose and I will always recommend him to my friends and relatives.

Tarun Kumar Das

Dr. Tanoy Bose replied

I am honoured by your feed. Thanks a lot


Visited For Rheumatic Arthritis

My mother came with many years of rheumatic arthritis to see Dr. Bose. She has been taking folitrax and folvite for several years now. She was prescribed SAAZ, Defza and HCQS along with Folitrax. Somehow her platelet count has fallen drastically after taking these meds for a month. She is currently in Himachal. She has been taken off these medicines and the folitrax dosage has been reduced by the local doctor. Dr Bose was very helpful during and after our visit. He also gave us information on the meds he prescribed. I plan to consult him again on the way forward and thank Dr Bose for his advice so far. Dr Bose had cured me of a severe vit D deficiency 4 years back.

Shweta Pandit Dey

Dr. Tanoy Bose replied

Thank you Ms. Pandit for the feedback. Please feel free to contact me in case of any issues either via whatsapp or email. Would be pleased to help.


Visited For Arthritis

Refer dr bose to a friend . Dr bose was kind enough to ask if they will go for MRI or not. He didn't force his decision on patient. Rarely this is seen in medical field now a days . My mother was his patient and she recovered well . Hope for the best for my friends mother too.



I was hospitalised four times back-to-back since 25.09.15 due to various disease such as Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Tubercular Pleural Effusion, Hypoglycemia, Comorbidities, Idiopathic Parkinsonism, Medullary Nephrocalcinosis & SIADH.I'am 69 years old retired high school teacher in Physics.

I was under consultation of Dr.Tanoy Bose since 11.10.15 and have got substantial better result regarding my improvement.I am based out of Ranaghat in Nadia and have followed up periodically with the doctor regarding my timely check-up and giving him report over the mail.Dr. Tanoy Bose has helped me a lot in suggesting medicines promptly by referring my mail as I couldn't travel to Kolkata frequently.

Duringblast couple of months I am able to walk for a hour or so, can have my food alone and can do other other usual stuffs for me alone (earlier I was totally bed-ridden).I would definitely refer others to Dr.Tanoy Bose as I have seen favourable improvements regarding my health issues after consulting him.

Pratap Chandra Biswas

Dr. Tanoy Bose replied

Mr. Biswas. I never expected such an elaborate feed from your side. Its a matter of honour for a doctor when a person finds benefited from my treatment and finds time to compose such a beautiful description of major events. Wish you a healthy hassle free life ahead.


I consulted Dr. Bose as I was diagnosed as a case of Type 2 Diabetes and suffering since last 12 years. I had consulted many eminent Diabetologists of many metropolitan cities of India as I stay in Chhatisgarh and what actually happened is basically peristent change of medicines, newer and costlier medicines, referal to medical representatives to acquire those costly medicines and ultimately there was no good control of diabetes and I got a heart attack at the age of 43. I am an avid internet browser and what I found is that every diabetic is a potential candidate of heart attack and strict diabetic control along with prevention from heart attack like ailment with medicines. I am sorry to say, its a money making business for the doctors and pharma companies these days. As the normal anti diabetic drugs are getting cheaper, it seems that the doctor and pharma company nexus is getting stronger in prescribing costly drugs. I was prescribed medicines as costly as 45INR per tablet.

However, Now its time to review Dr. Bose. He is a patient listener and took entire 35 mins for consultation. He went through the bunch of the reports I had carried with me with patience and kept making notes of important data. He asked me about my dietary patterns, activity levels, glucometer results, whatsapp or email access and put me on a single shot insulin and one very cheap anti diabetic drug. I am in a perfect control of Diabetes. The total pill count per day has come down from 9 to 5 tabs per day. Each drug has its effects and adverse effectes mentioned in the prescription. I contact him over whatsapp for titration of Insulin and I am fine for last 8 months without any issues.

In west diabetic patients are connected with the treating doctor by an automated software, but Dr. Bose have utilised the modern technology to its maximum benefit for the good of the patients.

Although the primary area of practice is Rheumatology, I am planning to pay a visit to him for a Frozen shoulder issue soon.

Doctors like Dr. Bose is rare and we need more and more doctors like him in our country.

Strongly recommended.

Sunita Rani Devi

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