Medical Qualifications:

M.B.B.S. - June 1986

Medical College
Calcutta University

M.S. (General Surgery) - January 1992

Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education & Research
Calcutta University

F.R.C.S. - October 1994

Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education & Research
Royal College of Surgeons

Present Position:

Consultant : Columbia Asia Hospital, Salt Lake

Joined Columbia Asia Hospital, Salt Lake, Kolkata, as a visiting consultant performing Bariatric Surgury in Surgical weight loosing programme.
Timing :
Tuesday : 6 p.m - 7 p.m.
Thursday : 4 p.m. - 6 p.m.
For appointment contact : +91 33 3989 8969

Consultant Surgeon & HOD-SURGERY AMRI HOSPITALS, Salt Lake

Visiting Surgeon :
Sri Aurobindo Seva Kendra (Eedf), Jodhpur Park, Kolkata
Vision Care Hospital, Mukundpur, Kolkata
Medica Super Specialty Hospital, Mukundpur, Kolkata

Previous Posts :

1/10/99 - 30/09/2000

Senior Specialist Registrar, Liver & Hepatobiliary Unit
Queen Elizabeth University Hospital
Birmingham B15 2TL

1/05/98 - 30/09/99

Consultant, Surgical Gastroenterology
Advanced Medical Care & Research Institute
Gariahat Road, Calcutta, 700029. India

1.10.96 - 31.1.98

Specialist Registrar (visiting) in General and Gastro-intestinal Surgery
West Midlands Higher Surgical Training
Hereford Hospitals NHS Trust, Hereford HR1 1ER

1.10.95 - 30.9.96

Visiting Specialist Registrar in GI and Laparoscopic Surgery
West Midlands Higher Surgical Training Rotation
Queen's Hospital, Burton on Trent DE13 0RB

1.2.95 - 30.9.95

Visiting Registrar in GI and Laparoscopic Surgery
West Midlands Rotation
Walsall Manor Hospital, Walsall WS2 9PS

3.8.94 - 31.1.95

SHO General/Vascular Surgery - Rotation Scheme (2nd on-call)
Wordsley Hospital, Stourbridge

1.2.94 - 2.8.94

SHO Urology (RSO- General Surgery)
Dudley Road Hospital, Birmingham

1.8.93 - 31.1.94

SHO in General Surgery Rotation Scheme (2nd on-call)
Dudley Road Hospital, Birmingham

1.2.93 - 31.7.93

SHO in Trauma & Orthopaedics (1st on-call)
The Alexandra Hospital, Redditch

6.1.93 - 31.1.93

Locum SHO in Trauma & Orthopaedics
Dudley Road Hospital, Birmingham

In India Pre-Registration:

16.6.86 - 15.6.87

Rotating Houseman (House Officer)
Medical College Hospital, Calcutta

Post Registration:

16.6.87 - 31.7.89

SHO in Accident & Emergency
Medical College Hospital, Calcutta

16.12.87 - 31.7.89

SHO in General Surgery rotation
Medical College Hospital, Calcutta

1.12.89 - 31.12.91

Resident Post-Graduate Trainee
Institute of Post-Graduate Medical Education & Research
SSKM Hospital, Calcutta

Two years residential surgical training programme working up to the diploma of M.S. General Surgery

a) General Surgery, 10 months - equivalent to Registrar

b) Orthopaedics, 3 months - equivalent to Senior SHO

c) Paediatric Surgery, 7 months - equivalent to Senior SHO

d) Plastic Surgery, 1 month

e) Urology, 3 months

f) Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery, 1 month

Present Post:

Consultant General & Laparoscopic Surgeon, & HOD Dept Of SurgeryAMRI Hospitals Salt Lake

I am working as a Departmental Head in General Surgery in this very modern 200 beded multidisciplinary hospital in Salt Lake, Kolkata. I have performed several general surgical operations open and laparoscopically. I share an emergency on call rota along with other 4 consultants. I am available 24 hours on every Wednesday as an on-call surgeon and once every 5 weekends.

I have performed several complex hepatobiliary ,pancreatic and gastrointestinal operations including cancer surgery. I have also performed several advanced laparoscopic surgeries like Adrenalectomy,Rectopexy,Distal Pancreatectomy,Splenectomy etc.

I have actively participated in the teaching programme of the junior doctors in the hospital.

Previous Post:

1) Senior Specialist Registrar-Hepatobiliary& Liver Unit, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Birmingham, UK-

I went back from India on this post to acquire some experience in the field of Hepato-pancreato-biliary Surgery. I had an excellent exposure in HPB and Liver Transplantation during my stay in this Internationally reputed Liver Unit in Birmingham for a year. I have learnt the basic principles of HPB Sugery and had an insight of Orthotopic Liver Transplantation.

I am actively involved in the management of complex Hepatobiliary and Liver Transplantation cases.

I have performed several Liver and Kidney Retrieval operations independently ,being the member of the Multiorgan Retrieval Team of QE Hospital,Birmingham .

I also had the opportunity to assist several Liver Transplantation operations and also able to perform the same under supervision of my consultants.

I have assisted several Liver resections, Whipples procedures, Radical biliary excision , complex biliary reconstructions and performed Whipples operation,Biliary Reconstruction, Liver Resections, Laparoscopic Cholecystectomies including OTC and various other procedures.

During my stay in the Liver Unit, I presented three HPB Audit reports and two Liver Transplantation Mortality & Morbidity Audit reports and also actively participated in the teaching of the medical students.

I have attended the 3 day HPB Masterclass courses in Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

I am currently studying on Outcome in Resections of Noncolorectal & Nonneuroendocrine Liver Metastases in our Unit and hope to submit a paper for publication very soon.

2) Consultant Surgical Gastroenterology, AMRI, Calcutta, INDIA-

After I had my training in UK ,I took up this post in a State Government Undertaking Multidisciplinary Hospital( 400 beds) in a busy part of the city of Calcutta.

I had two Theatre sessions, one Outpatient Clinic, One Endoscopy session and one ERCP session.

I have performed several Laparoscopic Cholecystectomies, Gastrointestinal operations and other General Surgical procedures during my stay in Calcutta.

I was also involved in the Private practice and performed several General Surgical and Laparoscopic Cholecystectomies in other Private Hospitals in Calcutta.

I took an extended leave and came back to UK to have some more experience in Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, which is my area of interest.

3) Visiting Specialist Registrar- Hereford County Hospital, Hereford -

laparoscopic surgery together with therapeutic endoscopy. I also regularly worked with the coloproctology firm led by Mr. P.H. Harper. Mr Corfield had a special interest on Oesophageal Surgery, so I had a fair experience in that field as well.

I have performed several laparoscopic and open cholecystectomies independently including common bile duct explorations. I have also performed radical distal gastrectomies and several radical anterior resections and hemicolectomies.

I regularly performed therapeutic GI endoscopy lists independently.

I have performed about over 90 therapeutic ERCPs including sphincterotomy and biliary stenting under the supervision of my consultant.

Apart from supervising the junior staff, I am involved in the active management of our surgical firm.

4) Visiting Specialist Registrar - Queen's Hospital, Burton on Trent-

Here I worked with Mr. R.H.K. Gompertz who performs upper GI and laparoscopic procedures.

I performed many upper GI endoscopy (more than 100) under supervision, and several laparoscopic cholecystectomies. I gained experience in performing on-table cholangiograms whilst doing laparoscopic cholecystectomies. I also performed several radical anterior resections and hemicolectomies. Apart from operating, I was actively involved in the patient management of the firm and the supervisor of junior staff. I assisted with several complicated laparoscopic cholecystectomies and laparoscopic exploration of the common bile duct with stone extraction.

I assisted my Consultant in performing several oesophagectomies and performed several radical distal gastrectomies under supervision. I performed several femoral and brachial embolectomies as an emergency apart from major laparotomies.

I actively participated in the week meetings and presented cases at Clinico-Pathological Conference meetings.

5) Visiting Specialist Registrar - Manor Hospital, Walsall -

I worked here under Mr. T.J. Muscfort and Mr. J. Stewart in the surgical firm with a special interest in coloproctology, upper GI and laparoscopic surgery.

I received training in basic laparoscopic surgery skills and performed several laparoscopic cholecystectomies under supervision. Apart from the routine daily ward round, I was actively involved in the patient management of the firm and assisted my Consultants in major surgical procedure such as radical low anterior resections, radical gastrectomies, whipples procedures, Ivor Lewis operations and cholecystectomies etc.

I carried out a number of radical hemicolectomies and anterior resections for cancer with a Consultant as my first or second assistant.

I performed laparotomies for perforations, obstructions and GI bleeds and tackled vascular injuries independently on the emergency list.

This post gave me my first experience of colonoscopy and I was able to perform colonoscopies, snare polypectomies etc. under supervision. of my Consultant.

In collaboration with my Registrar, I set up a teaching programme for SHO's and House Officers.

6) SHO, General & Vascular Surgery - Wordsley Hospital, Birmingham-

I worked here in the surgical rotation based at Dudley Road Hospital and Wordsley Hospital.

During my rotation I worked under Mr. R.P. Grimley who has a special interest in vascular surgery and indeed this was the referral centre for vascular surgery in the Dudley Group of hospitals. We also served as a referral unit for melanomas and dialysis access surgery. The firm had a special interest in isolated limb perfusion for melanomas.

My duties included conducting daily ward rounds and assisting various major general and vascular surgical operations with my Consultant. I performed the Registrar's list independently which included hernias, varicose vein surgery, haemorrhoidectomies, excision of skin lesions, wide local excisions and insertion of peritoneal dialysis catheters.

In elective lists I performed open cholecystectomies with on-table cholangiography, Hartmann's procedures, vascular anastomoses, partial thyroidectomies, femoro-popliteal bypass grafts, gastrojejunostomies, cholecystojejunostomies, orchidopexies, vasectomies, femoral hernia repairs, exploratory laparotomies, loop colostomies, operations for scrotal swellings, common ano-rectal procedures, exposure of femoral arteries and popliteal arteries etc. I also assisted Mr. Grimley in major procedures such as total oesophagectomies, aorto-bifemoral and femoro-popliteal bypass grafting and aneurysmal repairs.

I was involved in the teaching of medical students, training the House Officer on our firm and participating in regular seminars and clinical case presentation sessions.

7) SHO, Urology - Dudley Road Hospital (2nd on-call for urology and general surgery)

Teaching Hospital - 900 beds

During this part of my rotation I spent 6 months with Mr. D.G. Arkell and Mr. P.G. Ryan, working in a team comprising Consultant, Senior Registrar, SHO and House Officer. I was involved in 2 full day theatre lists and a weekly half day flexible cystoscopy list.

I had the opportunity to gain a full basic urological training and was directly involved in assisting major urological operations with both Consultant and Senior Registrar. I performed flexible cystoscopies independently and several urological operations under the direct supervision.

I was involved in a 1:4 on-call commitment and worked as RSO (2nd on-call) for general surgery after 5 p.m. on a regular basis.

During this tenure I performed exploratory laparotomies for perforative peritonitis, strangulated herniae, gut resection anastomoses and right hemicolectomies under the direct supervision of my senior registrar. Independently I performed appendicectomies, release and repair of acute herniae, procedures for acute ano-rectal conditions and torsion of testes. On elective urology lists I performed several cystoscopies, bladder biopsies prostate biopsies, circumcisions and TURBT's under supervision.

8) SHO, General Surgery- Dudley Road Hospital, Birmingham -

During this part of my rotation, I spent 6 months in a very busy firm comprising 2 Consultants, Mr. I. Donovan and Professor J.P. Neoptolemos, a senior Registrar, Mr. G.J. Williams, and myself as an SHO and 2 House Officers.

I was involved in daily Registrar ward rounds, performing 2 clinic sessions a week and one half day operating day unit (ODU) lists a week on my own ( under local anaesthetic).

During elective lists, without supervision, I performed herniorraphies, varicose vein surgery, parietal swellings, haemorrhoidectomies, sigmoidoscopies, circumcisions and, under supervision, open cholecystectomies. This was in addition to assisting my Consultant, Professor J.P. Neoptolemos (who has a special interest in pancreatic, hepatobiliary and laparoscopic surgery) in major procedures such as total pancreatectomies, whipples resections, laparoscopic cholecystectomies, laparoscopic colectomies, laparoscopic fundoplication and laparoscopic hernia repairs. I also assisted Mr. I. Donovan (who has a special interest in coloproctology and GI surgery) in major procedure such as radical gastrectomies, AP resections, anterior resections and hiatus herniae operations.

Whilst assisting my consultant and senior Registrar, I was able to gain an insight into upper GI endoscopy, ERCP and colonoscopy and performed a few gastroscopies under supervision.

I was involved in the teaching of medical students and attending regular meetings (audit and radiology).

9) SHO, Trauma & Orthopaedics - The Alexandra Hospital, Redditch-

My duties here included the management of in-patients including daily ward rounds, clerking in patients and the post operative care of both orthopaedic emergencies and elective admissions. I assisted the Consultants and Registrar in common orthopaedic operations such as total hip replacements, total knee replacements, spinal decompressions, internal fixations using AO instrumentation and arthoroscopic procedures.

I worked a 1:4 on-call rota with prospective cover for the Orthopaedic Department of a District General Hospital with a bed strength of 400.

In India:

1) Post-Graduate Resident - 2 years:

This was a 2 year training programme, working up to the clinical examination for the Post-Graduate Diploma of MS in General Surgery. I was attached to the SSKM Hospital - a large state referral teaching hospital in Calcutta (1465 beds). I worked as a post-graduate resident surgical trainee.

2) General Surgery - 10 months - Registrar :

My duties included supervising the work of the SHO and taking an active part in their teaching.

I performed various emergency operations independently such as appendicectomies, exploratory laparotomies for perforated peritonitis and intestinal obstruction, gut resections, anastomoses and colostomies.

I performed elective surgical operations both independently and under the supervision of the Consultant or senior Registrar such as herniorraphies, cholecystectomies, simple mastectomies, splenectomies, hemi-thyroidectomies, colostomy closures, right hemicolectomies and various other general surgical procedures.

I also assisted in various major general surgical operations including operations for colo-rectal carcinoma, adrenal tumours, renal tumours and hepatobiliary surgery.

3) Orthopaedic - 3 month - Senior SHO:

My duties here included pre and post operative care of elective and emergency admissions together with attending 2 out-patient clinics a week.

I performed joint aspirations, surface and skeletal tractions and common closed reductions. I assisted the Consultant and Registrar in common orthopaedic operations such as internal fixations and operations for recurrent dislocations of shoulder.

4) Plastic Surgery - 1 month - Senior SHO:

My duties included the care and management of burns injuries and performing skin grafting: operations for minor hand injuries and lacerated injuries under supervision. I assisted in various reconstructive procedures such as release of post-burn contracture, operations for cleft lip and palate, jaw tumours and nerve and tendon repairs.

5) Cariothoracic Surgery - 1 month - Senior SHO:

My duties here included the pre and post operative management of cardiac patients in the Intensive Care Unit. I assisted in closed mitral commisurotomy, exploration of a foreign body in the chest, operations for mediastinal tumours, AV fistulae, varicose veins and angiographies. I performed chest drainage and thoracotomy under supervision.

6) Urology - 3 months - Senior SHO:

My duties included the care of in and out-patients and performing urethral dilatations, circumcisions, meatoplasties and cystoscopies under supervision. Per-operative management of urological emergencies and assisting in various urological operations such as pyeloplasties, prostatectomies, total cystectomies and ileal conduits, radical nephrectomies, operations for urinary stones, hypospadius, urethroplasties and renal transplantation.

7) Paediatric Surgery - 7 months - Senior SHO:

My duties included the management of in and out-patients and performing various operations such as herniotomies, orchidopexies, splenectomies and colostomy closures under supervision. I supervised the SHOs in per-operative management of in-patients.

I assisted the Consultant in various paediatric surgical operations such as operations for ano-rectal malformations, meningo-myelocele, hydronephrosis, hypospadius and Hirschsprung's disease

8) Senior House Officer - 2 years Basic Surgical Training:

This was at the Medical College and Hospital (MCH), Calcutta in the Department of Accident and Emergency and Surgery, under the supervision of Consultant who has spent several years in the United Kingdom.

9) Accident & Emergency - 6 months:

My duties included being first on-call to attend emergencies, including medical, surgical and gynaecological patients; performing emergency procedure including resuscitation, venous cutdown, enotrachael intubation, tracheostomy and peritoneal lavage.

10) General Surgery - 18 months:

As an SHO (General Surgery) my duties included management of in-patients including daily ward rounds, attending out-patient clinics and once a week 24 hour on-call for emergency surgical admissions.

I performed both emergency and elective operations, under supervision, such as drainage of abscesses, wound debridement, excision/biopsy of parietal lumps, appendicectomies, herniorraphies, vasectomies and operations for minor ano-rectal conditions. I also performed several operations in the out-patient Minor Operation Theatre such as procedures for paronychia, ingrowing toe nails, vaginal hydroceles and excision of skin cysts under local anaesthetic.

I assisted in several major general surgical operations such as cholecystectomies, radical mastectomies, gastrectomies, thyroidectomies and vagotomies.

11) House Officer - 1 year:

At the same hospital (MCH, Calcutta)

This involved a rotation through the departments of medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology. The work included clerking in-patients, attending ward rounds and out-patient clinics with senior members of the team, arranging investigations and assisting in common operations.

Teaching Experience:

During my post-graduate residentship in India I used to teach the medical students and the SHOs. This wa spart of my offical training programme for M.S. In my present job I regularly teach medical students.

Courses Attended:

Intensive Fellowship Course in Surgery - Dudley Road Hospital

Radiation protection course - QE Hospital

Basic Laparoscopic Skills in Laparoscopic Surgery 1995 - Manor Hospital

Vascular anastamosis workshop 1996 - Newport (Best Candidate Prize)

ASGBI Annual Conference 1996 - Glasgow

8th Annual Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy Course Feb 1997 - Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital, Liverpool

Advanced Laparoscopic Course 1997 - Leeds Institute of Minimally Invasive Therapy,Leeds,

6th Liverpool Hepatobiliary Masterclass-HPB 2000-Royal Liverpool University Hospital Liverpool

Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Workshop On Solid Organs- J&J, Ethicon Endosurgery, New Delhi.2009


Awarded "First Certificate of Honour" in Surgery

Gold Medal Examination in 1985, Medical College, Calcutta

Awarded "First Certificate of Honour" -in the examination at the end of the first year M.S. course - 1991

Publications & Other Academic Activities:

Co-author of scientific short papers presented in Autumn 97 meeting of West Midlands Surgical Society held at Sandwell District General Hospital.

"Hyperthermic Isolated Regional Limb Perfusion for melanoma - Why bother?"

Dissertation submitted at the end of the M.S. course in 1991 entitled "Clinico-pathological study of Thyroid Carcinoma (20 cases)" accepted at the University of Calcutta, 1991

Attending seminar courses, clinical meetings, journal clubs and presenting cases and papers were an integral part of the post graduate training.

Presented clinical surgical audit for Mr. R.P. Grimley's firm at Wordsley Hospital.

Presented the hernia audit at Dudley Road Hospital (survey conducted by Royal College of Surgeons), Jan 1993

Life Member Of AMASICON

Extra Curricular Activities & Career Plan:

Organised several cultural programmes at the Medical College, Calcutta.

Represented the College cricket team.

Bridge (College champion)

Indian music - vocal (several awards in College and inter college competitions)

My future aim is to set up a unit where Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery could be done as a tertiary centre.

I am also interested in developing Orthotopic Liver Transplantation in Calcutta