The concept of water storage has seen a revolutionary change. Such a change has been ushered into the lives of the modern Indian Citizen and we are happy to state that we have made significant contribution to it. Since inception it has been our innovative ideas and efficient after – sales service.

Our marked contribution has been in the areas of research and development whereby we have upgraded our products from the usual two layered tanks into multi – functional layered tanks. To meet the growing needs of our customers we came up with eight various brands. We have broken the monotony of “Black” and brought in “Colour” to suit your aesthetic. It has been noted that since introduction the colour has not lost its brilliance till date.

In order to enable water to retain its normal temperature in all conditions the concept of ‘foam insulation’ was introduced. Yet another innovative idea was ‘airtight’, ‘auto – locking’, ‘foam insulated’ lid which fits securely at the top. It prevents entering of dust and insects, does not get displaced and ensures total insulation of the tank.


Polly - P4 :



The water tank with some exceptional qualities :

  • 1st time unbreakable type water tank.

  • 1st time foam - lid for tank upto 2000ltrs.

  • Anti - Microbial Tank.

  • Protects from heat upto 400C.

  • Free 10% extra storage.

  • 24 hrs service.

  • Exclusive Four - Layered new design, with 50% more weight than 2 l ayer tank.

  • Poly - P4 water tank has Double - Shield UV rays protection.

  • Colour of outer layer doesn't lose its brightness as observed in the last five years.

  • FDA approved LLDPE is used as prime ingredient.

  • Foam insulated all round.

  • Innovative 'form lid' introduced for the first time in India, with 'airtight' and 'auto locking' technology.


Poly-P4 Water Tank is an anti-bacterial water tank conforming to the highest standards of hygiene. These water tanks are unharmed by fungal and bacterial attack. The formation of unpleasant odours and self-destruction of the material are permanently prevented. Hence the advantages of Poly-PA Tank are: h Maintains Odourless Water. 2. Purer water, that ensures better health for you and your family. 3. Durability and long life of the tank.


Polyfoam :



POLYFOAM water tank is one of our flagship product. Our innovative concept of Anti-Microbial tank was made a success in POLYFOAM. It satisfies the highest international standards of storing water hygienically. Fungal and bacterial growth is strongly resisted by the chemically treated inner layer. As a result there is no formation of unpleasant odours and self-destruction of material is prevented. This way Polyfoam Tank provides you with 1. Odourless Water. 2. Purer water to ensure better health for you and your loved ones. 3. Worry-Free water storage life long.

PIt is proved that Polyfoam water tank maintains normal water temperature even at outside temperature of 40°C. The Polyethlene Foam layer between the outer and inner layers helps to keep water cool in summer and warm in winter. It has passed through all rigorous tests at the Regional Testing Centre, E.R. Govt, of India.


  • Three-Layered tank in exclusive SIX POCKET design.

  • Anti-Microbial Tank.

  • Protects from heat upto40°C.

  • FDA approved LLDPE is used as prime ingredient.

  • Foam insulated all round.

  • Innovative 'foam lid' introduced for the first time in India, with 'airtight' and 'auto locking' technology.

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