Touching all spheres of human life and society, is worlds strongest and durable supplement to wood and metal based products, saves precious trees, reduces problem of global warming, protect healthy environment, eco-friendly, easily processable / recyclable. Therefore know plastics with responsibility, and trust on plastic products for sustainable Infrastructure development, for "the convenience of life time" and beyond...

"INDIA" has emerged as a Nation Capable of beating the best in the world. We have proved this in entrepreneurship and software.Now we have to prove this in plastics.

" Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)" Within just a few decades has supplanted all conventional material like wood, ply, particle board, laminate, aluminum 8t Steel. PVC is the only mass produced plastic from natural resources, and it is derived in part from oil 43% but mainly from salt 57%. PVC is now a days world's most throughly researched substances and most successful basic materials in the market for manufacturing of most demanding constructional elements in your homes 8t offices.

" Unplastisized(u) PVC Profiles" is a success story world wide without parallel, when its come to making door, window, furniture St Interior etc. uPVC profiles score excellents results .

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