Onduline is an extremely tough, lightweight, corrugated roofing and wall cladding material manufactured from bitumen saturated organic fibers under extreme heat and pressure. Our unique production process is the result of 50 years of continuous effort in research & development and consists of several phases of intense complexity. Today our roofing systems are used widely across the world from the tropics to the arctic’s for residential, commercial, light industrial and agricultural applications.

Onduline is manufactured by a patented process which ensures even penetration of bitumen into the sheet. This ensures that the sheet has high dimensional stability and prevents delamination. The colouring of the sheet is achieved through a unique pigmentation process which ensures that the colour is stained into the sheet. Unlike painted sheets, Onduline sheets retain their colour over a long period without fading and surface peeling.

The results is a flexible and cost effective product that provides weather protection, sound and thermal insulation even in the most extreme climatic conditions. It is waterproof, cannot rust or become brittle and is rot and fungi resistant. It resists most chemicals and corrosion, and is very easy to handle and fix. Finally Onduline contains no asbestos and therefore presents no health risk either in installation or when the building is in use. That is why Onduline is superior to many other corrugated roofing systems and has been installed on millions of roofs around the world.


Curved Roofing Sheets

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  Product Attributes :

•  Free from Corrosion & Rust.

•  Light.

•  Easy to instal.

•  Maintenance free.

•  Wide Range.

•  Economical.

  Application :

•  Draining of rain water from the roof.

  Product Attributes :

•  Flower Pots.


   Standard Colour Range :

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