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What is a polypectomy in the uterus?

A hysteroscopic polypectomy and myomectomy is a minimally invasive procedure that removes growths within a woman's uterine cavity through the vagina.

Is a polypectomy considered surgery?

A polypectomy is the surgical removal of a polyp. Colon polyps can be removed through open abdominal surgery, but more commonly it is performed during a colonoscopy. The endoscopist may snip off a small polyp with a forceps or remove a larger polyp with a snare that burns through the base of the polyp.

What to expect after a uterine polypectomy?

The recovery process
You may have light bleeding immediately after a uterine polyp removal. You may also have discharge for up to 14 days after the treatment. The fluid may be light pink to brown in color. Your menstruation cycle will return as normal after a polypectomy.

Does fertility improve after polyp removal?

Three nonrandomized studies found an association between polypectomy and improved spontaneous pregnancy rates.Study showed infertile women with and without endometrial polyps and found a pregnancy rate of 78.3 % after polypectomy compared with 42.1 % in those with normal uterine cavity.


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