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Aesthetic Dental Clinic

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Infection Control Policies

Aesthetic Dental Clinic

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Aesthetic Dental Clinic

Aesthetic Dental Clinic adopts the world's most advanced sterilization system
- the latest addition to the most stringent disinfection protocol

Why a "Class B" Autoclave ?

The European workgroup appointed by the EU Commission has passed the European Standard EN 13060 in the course of the harmonization of different national sterilization standards.

The standard divides autoclaves into the classes "B", "S" and "N". Class B is the highest class conforming to the most stringent demands and therefore can be unrestrictedly used for the sterilization of all possible loads used in medical practices (also with hollow bodied instruments, handpieces and turbines) and for all kind of sterilization packaging. A "class B autoclave must in any case pass a Helix test with a test specimen as per EN 13060:2001. According to expert opinion, that can only be achieved with a fractionated pre-vacuum procedure.

We at Aesthetic Dental Clinic take your rights of protection against infection seriously! And so we follow the most stringent disinfection protocols in our of?ce which consists of a series of stages like disinfection and cleaning in Ultrasonic, B class Autoclaving and subsequent Ultraviolet storage. We also document every sterilization cycle in black & white and on demand produce evidence for the same.


MELAG B + class autoclaves are manufactured in compliance with the following directives and standards:

93/42/EEC Medical Devices, class 11b (European Directive For Medical Devices), 97/23/EC ( Pressure Equipment Directive), 2006/42/EC (Machinery Directive); EN 13060 (Small Steam Sterilizers), EN 61010-1/-2-040 (Safety Requirements For Electrical Equipment For Measurement , Control And Laboratory Use), EN 60601-1-2 (General Requirements For Safety Including Important Performance Characteristic - Supplementary Standard: Electromagnetic Compatibility - Requirements And Tests), ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (Quality Management / Certification), EN1717 ( Protection Of Drinking Water From Contamination)

Aesthetic Dental Clinic

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