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An ISO 9001; 2015 Organization

Completing 20 Glorious years of excellence

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Aesthetic Dental Clinic

Completing 18 Years of Delivering Smiles...Thank You Everyone Associated With Aesthetic Dental Clinic for Being with Us in Our Wonderful Journey.

Specialities and Commitments

We aim to take Dentistry, in its true sense, to the 21st century

We counsel our patients with tools no less sophisticated than state-of-the art Intra-Oral camera and patient-friendly education softwares. Not to mention that all our operatories are fully computerized and equipped with the latest electronically operated dental chairs.

Our Infection Control Policy

We maintain strict asepsis and sterilization and disinfection protocols with separate autoclaved set of instruments for each patient, specialized ultraviolet storage devices, zero-tolerance policy with outside foot strips and all disposable consumables.

We are using water thoroughly distilled by inhouse condensation distiller for all our procedures. All sharp instruments, needles & disposable syringes are burnt & plastic parts broken by specialised needle burners to prevent any malitious reuse, as per international standardisation set up by the World Health Organisation.

Aesthetic Dental Clinic

Intra-Oral Camera

How many times have you seen inside your oral cavity? And how much have you seen? When we dentists examine you, we may find many such small, painless, trivial pathologies (or diseases) inside your mouth which can later turn out to be the cause of a great problem! But how many of you can really appreciate our opinion? And it is not you to blame for that, because the saying goes.. "Seeing is believing". Now with the intra-oral camera, a small pen sized high precision camera you can also see with a dentists' eyes! The conditions inside your mouth are captured by the camera, magnified and instantly processed to be displayed on a screen. So you are no more just a layman listener to a technical buff, instead you are a part of the counseling group actively taking part in your own treatment discussion because now you have seen and understood what you might have never realized before and you know what exactly we are relating to.

Digital Imaging Solution

A smart 3.2 Mega pixel digital camera attached to the unit can capture all "before", "intra-operatory" and "after" photographs from all profiles especially in full mouth cosmetic reconstruction cases to show how you transform into your new identity... .and that's how we create smiles!

Air-Abrasion Polishing System

The world's most gentle yet effective stain removal system. It removes stains and gently polishes each tooth without even touching them! Yes because the air does the work. No instrumentation whatsoever, breaking the myth that frequent tooth polishing "wears off' or "harms" the enamel !

Aesthetic Dental Clinic


This is an electronic radiographic imaging system where the dental X-rays are instantly transferred to the computer screen. No X-ray plates, no lengthy chemical processing to waitfor. What’s more, the images are digitally enhanced, magnified and can be viewed from various angulations with unmatched clarity and resolution. Thus a more accurate and perfect diagnosis of pathology can be made. Not to mention that permanent photo quality printouts can be taken any time for purpose of reporting. Images can also be loaded in Optical disks & can also be instantly emailed to the patient for record keeping purposes. We use the World's most advanced PLANMECA DIXI RVG system & the PLANMECA DIMAXIS imaging softwares.

Precise soft tissue management is done with the most advanced radio- electrocautery where the cauterization is done with condensed radio frequency instead of the conventional electro cauterization. This causes more a-traumatic, precise and practically bloodless surgical soft tissue management even at the most aesthetically demanding areas of the mouth.

Cellular-Optic Titanium Dental drilling system / Cellular-optic ultrasonic scaling / Endosonics

Everybody must be aware of dental drills (and more specifically, scared off!) The most ultramodern drilling system incorporates a tiny pinpoint cellular-optic light source. Since dental drillings must be done under continuous water spray for cooling off, visualization of the exact operatory area often becomes difficult. The cellular- optic system solves the problem assuring you the most accurate and exact drilling limited only to the diseased area and ensures that no healthy dental tissues are spoiled. Combined to this is our choice of restorative (filling) materials. GICs and visible light-cure composite filling materials require minimum intervention or cavity preparation as they "bonds" with the teeth... .unlike metallic fillings. This goes in harmony with the worldwide followed latest principle of restorative dentistry-the ART or Atraumatic Restorative Technique.

Ultrasonic scaling system ensures the gentlest treatment of your hard deposits without harming the teeth.

Endosonics or ultrasonic endodontic therapy combined with the latest electro-thermal obturation system ensures the best and most accurate root canal treatment technically possible.

Aesthetic Dental Clinic

Latest addition to our hi-tech root canal armamenterium are digital apex locators to precicely measue the root apex and eliminate any chances of human error in obturation.

We have the facility of in-house management of minor and semi-major surgical cases under general anesthesia /conscious sedation.

We are committed to our environment. Recent studies have shown that in an Indian metropolis, more than 60% of the total mercury contamination has been attributed by the dentists!

We, at Aesthetic Dental Clinic, do not use any kind of metallic fillings containing hazardous and toxic metals. We are using only non-metallic plastic filling materials which includes the latest light-cure composite systems which besides being aesthetic, involves complete atraumatic restorative techniques

We care for your comfort inside our operatories with pleasant and aesthetic blend of interior designs, scientifically selected color combinations and soft and relaxing music.

Outside waiting halls are provided with carefully chosen reading matters to suit the taste of various age groups, audio-visual entertainments, comfortable sitting arrangements, light refreshments , hyginic drinking water and tasteful interiors.

Combined with unparallel sterilization and disinfection protocol, smart, clean and pleasing ambience, we strive to provide you not the "good" or the "better" but only the BEST!!