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The History of Amway

What does the word Amway mean? Amway is an abbreviation for "American Way" and was coined in 1959 by company founders, Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos. Short, unique and easy to remember, Amway has been registered as a corporate name and trademark ever since.

In the following decades, Amway Corporation successfully established itself as a leading multilevel marketing business, built on strong values and founding principles that continue to sustain our company today. The business is built on the simple integrity of helping people lead better lives.

Today, Amway is a multibillion-dollar international business representing freedom and opportunity to millions of people in more than 100 countries and territories around the world. Amway generated US $ 11.3 billion (January - December '12) in sales at estimated retail through this global product distribution network. We offer over 3 million Business Owners the inspiration to grow those businesses, and we work hard to provide new and better ways for them to achieve their life goals.


  • As a corporate leader in promoting environmental awareness and education, Amway received the prestigious United Nations Environment Programme Achievement Award in 1989. 

  • Corporate Citizenship Award - On November 08, 2005, the United States Chamber of Commerce awarded Alticor with the Corporate Citizenship Award in the category of International Community Service for the One by One Campaign for Children.


As carefully planned by Rich and Jay, the second generation Van Andel and DeVos families took the helm during the ' 90s. The Policy Board was formed and Steve Van Andel and Dick DeVos succeeded their fathers as Chairman and President. Distributors witnessed a similar trend, with the second generation of many distributor families taking on important leadership roles.
Products :
 Nutrilite Health Care Products
1. Nutrilite Protein 15. Nutrilite Garlic Heart Care
2. Nutrilite Kids Drink 16. Nutrilite CH Balance
3. Nutrilite Kids Chewable Multi Vitamin/Mineral 17. Nutrilite Salmon Omega - 3
4. Nutrilite Kids Chewable Calcium Magnesium 18. Nutrilite Bio - C
5. Nutrilite Kids Chewable concentrated fruits &     vegetables 19. Nutrilite Parselenium - E
6. Nutrilite Kids Chewable Iron 20. Siberian Ginseng with Gingko Biloba
7. Nutrilite Kids Chewable C 21. Nutrilite Iron - Folic
8. Nutrilite Coenzyme Q 10 22. Nutrilite Bone Health with Ipriflavone
9. Nutrilite vision Health with Lutein 23. Nutrilite Cal Mag D
10. Nutrilite Glucose Health 24. Nutrilite Triple Guard Echinacea
11. Nutrilite Milk Thistle with Dandelion 25. Nutrilite Glucosamine HCL with Boswellia
12. Nutrilite Daily 26. Nutrilite Natural B
13. Nutrilite Fiber 27. Nutrilite concentrated fruits & Vegetables
14. Positrim Low Fat Drink Mix  
  Artistry Skin Care Products
1. Artistry Hydrating System 7. Artistry Replenishing Eye Cream
2. Artistry Balancing System 8. Artistry Skin Refinishing Lotion
3. Artistrytime Defiance Products 9. Artistry Pure white Essence
4. Artistry Polishing Scrub 10. Artistry Hydrating Foundation
5. Artistry Moisture Intance Masque 11. Artistry Loose Powder
6. Artistry Alpha Hydroxy Serum Plus 12. Artistry Creamy Massage
  Attitude Skin Care & Color Cosmetic Products
1. Attitude Lipsticks 9. Attitude Moisturisers
2. Attitude Nail Enamel 10. Attitude Whitening Cream
3. Attitude Mascara & Attitude Kajal Eye Pencil 11. Attitude Face Wash
4. Attitude Eye Liner 12. Attitude Face Masque
5. Attitude Duo Blusher 13. Attitude Hand & Body Cream
6. Attitude Trio Eyeshadow 14. Attitude Foot Cream
7. Attitude Cleansers 15. Attitude Sunscreen Lotion
8. Attitude Toners  
  Home Care
1. Amway Home SA8 Gelzyme with Natural Softener 7. Pursue Disinfectant Cleaner
2. Amway Home SA8 Delicate 8. Silicone Glaze Auto Polish
3. Amway Home Disti Drops 9. Car wash concentrated Liquid
4. Amway Home L.O.C Multi Purpose cleaner 10. APSA - 80 Adjuvant Spray
5. Amway Home L.O.C. Glass Cleaner 11. SA8 Prewash
6. Leather & Vinyl Cleaner 12. Amway Dispensers
  Personal Care
1. Satinique Advanced 2-in -1 Shampoo & conditioner. 12. Dynamite Shaving Foam
2. Satinique Advanced Dandruft control conditioning      Shampoo 13. Dynamite Deodrant
3. Santique Advanced Moisturising Detangler &      Conditioner 14. G & H Lotion
4. Satinique Hair Rejuvenating Masque 15. G & H Body Shampoo
5. Glister Toothpaste Glister Mouth Freshner Spray 16. Nature Shower Cream Hand Soap
6. Persona Toothbrush 17. Dynamite Shaving Cream
7. Persona Soap 18. Dynamite Disposable Razor
8. Attitude Deodrant 19. Dynamite Hair Cream
9. Persona Talc 20. Persona Amla Hair Oil
10. Dynamite After Shave Moisturiser 21. Persona 100% pure coconut Oil
11. Dynamite After Share Splash. 22. Persona Classic Family Toothbrush



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