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 Rabi Purabi
  • Rabi Purabi started on 1990.
  • Training Course
    • Singing – Hindi Sangeet, Rabindra Sangeet, Sugam Sangeet
    • Music - Tabla
    • Recitation
    • Painting
  • Attached with Sarba Bharatia Sangeet O Sanskriti Parishad
  • Organised many Geetialekhya and Nrityanatya in different programmes.
  • Rabi Purabi arranged many programme with many renowned artists.

Media Speaks

Rabi-Purabi's silver jubilee celebration at Rabindra Sadan on June 30 followed the old and familiar structure of a few choral songs followed by solo performances. Rather than at­tempting difficult songs, the young students of the institution let their earnestness show with Akashe dui haateprem bilay, Kharabayu boy bege and Alo amar alo ogo. Uma Mukhopadhyay, the first solo artist, was unimpressive, both in terms of vocal quality and gayaki, but there was a degree of poise in her performance. She, however, failed to realize that the prin­cipal charm of Bnodhu kon alo laglo chokhe is in its alternat­ing half-and-double rhythm scheme, and chose to sing the slower verses completely free of rhythm.

Esha Mitra evidently spends more time trying to add her own touches to the songs than studying notations. Her Ajij ba­rer rate tomar abhishar and Aji jhoro-jhoro mukharo badaro diney were chock-a-block with unpleasant embellishments.

The best performance of the evening came from Shikha Dutta, who sang a bunch of songs by Atulprasad Sen, Ra-janikanta Sen and Dwijendralal Ray, in the no-frills, old-school manner that is increasingly losing out to useless flamboyance. The melodiousness and understated elegance of her voice made Bnodhu emono badole tumi kotha, Shara shokalti boshe boshe and Neend nahi ankhi-paate a treat for the audience. Dutta was followed by the veteran Rajeshwar Bhattacharya, who, in his trademark impromptu-style, sang Pinakete lage tongkar and Tomar holo shuru, amar nolo shara, Jetejete ekla pathey and Shukha-heen nishidin paradheen hoye and several other Tagore songs.

- The Teleghaph, 4th July, 2009




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