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Dr.R.K.Brahma, F.R.C.P.(Eden.), F.R.C.Psych(Lond), F.R.S.M(Lond), D.P.M(Eng.):


Other than an extreme old age or serious brain damage memory is not lost and is fully recoverable.STRESS MANAGEMENT

Stress is a perception by the individual fearing that He / She will not be able to cope with the situation they are facing. With the professional help, the individual will realise that it is only a negative anticipation and that can be changed in to a positive one, there by removing stress.

Mr. Subhra jyoti Ray, YIC:

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Sitting at the feet of my first Yoga Guru Dr.R.Nagarathna of sVYASA,  one thing I understood that, Stress is nothing but the excessively speeded up rate of flow of thoughts in our mind and hence if we can slow down the thinking process then we can easily manage our stress.

Here is the usefulness of Yoga techniques like Pranayama, Relaxation Techniques etc. And our system of Yoga will not only make you relaxed and stress free but also increases the memory power significantly within a short period.
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