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Creativity n Magick, an initiative by Meenakshii is a one-stop solution for all your design and implementation needs.

From conceptualization to execution, the entire cycle is handled with a unique personal touch, with a focus on giving each of our clients our undivided attention, resulting in translation of their thoughts, ideas and plans into reality.

Our understanding and knowledge of Design, spaces and architecture  in conjunction with the ancient philosophies of Vaastu and Feng Shui, give us the unique advantage of using this combination to create holistic spaces that nurture balanced living and working.

Creativity n Magick is a professionally managed design and execution initiative by Meenakshii that is ISO certified for delivering quality in each sphere of Design and Implementation. Choosing Creativity n Magick guarantees you exceptional quality of design, workmanship, standard processes for project management, client interfaces and communication.

We work closely with you in the planning, design and conceptualization phase to undertand your desires, aspirations and budgets in order to translate these into the vibrant spaces that you have visualized keeping cost, time and quaity in mind.

Our success story across lifestyle apartments, restaurants and offices speaks for themsleves.



Interior Design
Designing smarter spaces built around our clients aspirations incorporating sustainable design, is the core theme of our design philosohy. People & businesses want smarter spaces  that are in sync with the environment. We focus on creating holistic and balanced spaces that reflect a balance between space use, sustainable design, budgets & quality.

Its a misnomer that sustainable design is cost prohibitive. Simple examples of such design are stack ventilation, passive solar design, rain & waste water harvesting, using sustainable green materials etc. In fact, using sustainable design themes leads to minimizing running costs.
Office Design
Vibrant workspaces ebbing energy and at the same time are eco-friendly, convenient and in sync with the workflow, are at the core of our design thought process.

Restaurant Design
Appetite kicks in and senses warm up to food with the aroma, texture and taste. Ambience completes the experience. Our design focus is to get the ambience right in order for it to complement the delectable cuisine on the cards in your restaurant so that your customers can enjoy a holistic expereince. We excel in complementing your menu with the right ambience and creating that unforgettable and lingering experience that brings your customers back.

Home Styling
Smarter living spaces with optimum space utilization, convenience and focus on customized functional design is our core focus.
Functional spaces customized to the users lifestyle and in balance with all other elements of design result in holistic living spaces that promote health, wealth and prosperity.
Transforming and upscaling existing spaces to create aesthetic design with balanced energies and in compliance with VAASTU principles, is our forte. Our team specializes in working with minimal interference, blending our work & design style to suit your convenience without disrupting your routine or work spaces.

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Play with whites and pastels for a chic
and serene finish
Contrasting colours adding brightness
and highlighting spaces
Spaced Out
Integrated spaces
Use of glass panels allowing unhindered
natural light
living spaces
living spaces
Stairwells, partitions & lofts
White Line
Bath spaces
Work Bench
Chic Office spaces
Watering hole
Bar ( Interiors & furniture)



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