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Dr. Shiuli Mukherjee

IVF Clinician and Reproductive Endocrinologist
Diploma in Laparoscopic Surgery from
Kiel University, Germany (Cum Gynaecological Surgeon)

Success Stories

Severe Oligozoospermia

Motherhood was a long cherished dream for Mrs. Pratima Singh not because of her fault but because of her husband had very poor sperm count and motility (10%). With almost no hope the couple arrived to Dr. Shiuli Mukherjee for a solution. Without wasting any more time they were advised to go for ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) treatment. And at first attempt of IVF - ICSI she conceived and delivered a healthy baby after 9 months. Now the little angel is enjoying her first birthday.

Mrs. Anakmika Bag from Singur, Mrs. Rumi sengupta from Howrah and lot more got their success in first attempt of IVF at us where husband’s factor was the main reason for infertility. Now now they are enjoying happy parenthood.


Mrs. Silpa Modok, 32 year old lady from Mumbai came here with bilateral tubal block and chocolate cyst. Laparoscopy done in two occasions but recurrence of chocolate cyst became the main menace. AMH was 2.9 showing poor ovarian reserve due to repeated ovarian intervention via lap surgery. Yet she had two existing chocolate cyst in her ovaries. Decision of cyst aspiration followed by IVF in same cycle was taken. Only two eggs were retrieved due to poor ovarian reserve. Single embryo transferred on day 3. She conceived on that cycle and delivered a healthy baby after 9 months. Now the baby is completing one year.

Elderly Lady with Tubal Pathology

Mrs. Chitra Mukherjee, 42 year old lady from Chennai came here with poor ovarian reserve and bilateral tubal block. She was advised for egg donation or surrogacy by other centers across the country. She preferred to go with her own egg. AMH was 0.9 showing really very poor ovarian reserve. Keeping her wish intact we planned to proceed for IVF with special stimulation protocol. We could manage to get 4 Eggs, 2 Embryos and a day 4 transfers. She conceived in her first attempt and now carrying a 20 weeks pregnancy.

MRKH Syndrome

Mrs. Anamika , a resident of Durgapur, had a rare diagnosis of MRKH syndrome, in short Rokitansky Kuser Hauser Syndrome. Here the woman had congenital absence of uterus though the ovaries remain intact. They were almost convinced to go for adoption and her visit to Dr.Mukherjee was just to get a final approval for permanent infertility so that they can apply to an adoption agency. She came to know about surrogacy and decided to go for it. We took up the procedure of IVF with collecting eggs from the lady and her husband’s sperm to prepare the embryos. Embryos were implanted inside uterus of surrogate lady keeping all legal documents intact. After an uneventful 8 months the surrogate delivered twin babies, one boy and one girl. It was achievement from the part of Anamika and her Husband to get their biological child through help of Dr. Mukherjee.

Lot more in the line had delivered and also carrying their parenthood proudly after getting treatment from here. Wish all of them best wishes.

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Dolly khatun and her husband from Assam, were suffering from recurrent miscarriages with 5 loss at 2 months with one ectopic pregnancy. No cause was found except a minor genetic inversion in chromosome number 9 of the lady. Since they were not ready to go for changing the egg as advised by rest all specialists, we decided to go for PGD (prenatal genetic diagnosis with CGS) after embryo formation. They conceived on that cycle and now carrying a 28 weeks pregnancy awaiting delivery of a healthy baby. Wish her all the best.

These were few real stories (name changed for the sake of personal rights) of the good number of couple who trusted on our services and got great success.

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