Mukherjee Fertility Centre


Dr. Shiuli Mukherjee

IVF Clinician and Reproductive Endocrinologist
Diploma in Laparoscopic Surgery from
Kiel University, Germany (Cum Gynaecological Surgeon)

Mukherjee Fertility Centre

in association with MFC Women & Child Care

  Address - 60, G.K. Bhaduri Street, Opp - Badamtala Petrol Pump, Near Belur Math, Howrah - 711201

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Mukherjee Fertility Centre (MFC), the first IVF Centre of Howrah. MFC was started at March 2016 at Howrah, near Belur Math, with an initiative towards decentralization of superspeciality health services among the common people of our society. Since most centres are situated at proper Kolkata, none at district level, whereas people of all economical strata suffers from infertility. Specially in rural areas frequent Gyaenecological infections cause tubal block leading to infertility. And they fail to treat due to dirth of money. So Dr. Shiuli Mukherjee, board certified in Reproductive Endocrinology and Surgery by the National Board of Indian society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology made a target to reach the IVF to all strata of common people specially for them who belong to lower socio-economic group. We are focused to accelarate awareness of reproductive health problem and eradicate it's misconception among the mass with special reference to poor people.
Mukherjee Fertility Centre (MFC) Our interest in popularizing Mild stimulation IVF especially in low socioeconomic group has led her to be involved in much research work published in Journal of Human Reproductive Sciences.

We have successfully given pregnancies to couple after 18 - 20 years of marriage through IVF/ ICSI in severe oligozoospermia, azoospermia, recurrent pregnancy failure, tubal block, premature ovarian failure and polycyclic ovarian syndrome and endometriosis.

As the IVF science is progressing fast, we are now focussing on egg preservation by cryobiology techniques. Sperm freezing was popularized for last 10 years, but due to technical difficulties oocyte freezing was not successful to that limit. But oocyte freezing is the only or main way of preserving fertility specially for girls who are cancer survivors. Once a girl suffers from cancer and undergo radio or chemo therapy, if this is pelvic part then automatically ovaries can be destroyed and later they can't give birth of baby. But before undergoing chemo or radiotherapy if her eggs are preserved , they can have pregnancies later once they are fit and get married may be after 5 years of cancer cure. And also for those women who have poly cystic ovaries or endometriosis they can save their eggs in liquid nitrogen and if wish to get married at later age means at elderly age still they will have a young embryo, like a time machine. A lady at 40 years is conceiving by her own eggs which are of 35 years, kept under liquid nitrogen. I would like to convey the message to the women and men about gamet freezing and keeping hope for carrying pregnancy for cancer survivors, specially for poor people, who are scared of expenses.