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Expertised In Kshar Sutra Treatment & Panchakarma Treatment.
Medical Officer Amdanga Rural Hospital.

Working Experience of Dr. Krishanu Samanta :

Internee Sambhu Nath Pandit Hospital
Senior House Surgeon, JB Roy State Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital
Two Years at Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI) in the department of Pediatric Surgery

Practising Areas :

Dum Dum, Nager Bazar, Baguihati, Rampurhat,

Facility Available : Ayurvedic Private Hospital with Panchakarma and Kshar Sutra treatment Facility at Rampurhat (Birbhum), new hospital coming soon at Nagerbazar.

Why Kshar Sutra procedure is more effective and recurrence rate is almost nil?

Fistula tract may be 

1) superficial or deep.
2) Straight or curved(horse shoe shaped)
3) short or long tract
4) Single or multiple. etc

Deep,long,curved,multiple  these type of fistula tracts are complicated type.

In case of Kshar Sutra procedure the chemical reaches easily into the complicated tract and help to dissolve / destroy the unhealthy tissue of the tract. As a result almost all tracts can be destroyed by this procedure with expertised hand. Where in other tecniques it can not be done. So Kshar Sutra procedure is more effective and almost no chances to recurrence in case of consolidated types of fistula.

What is Kshar Sutra?

Kshar Sutra is a chemical coated sterile thread prepared by turmeric, Apamarga Kshara  &  latex of mansa. Use in Piles, Fistula & Fissure treatment.

What is Kshar Sutra Surgery/Treatrment?

Piles, Fistula & Fissure are treated by Kshar Sutra. Local or Spinal Anesthesia used during the procedure. Minimum hospitalization needed. World wide this treatment is accepted eg. AIIMS.

Why Kshar Sutra Treatment is best choice?

  1. Almost painless procedure.
  2. Non Hamper Daily Lifestyle.
  3. Minimal invasive surgery and maximum efficacy.
  4. Specially in case of Ano-rectal Fistula.

Almost < 5% recurrence rate. Success Rate is very High > 95% rather than any other surgical procedure ( Firtulectomy etc.) for Ano-Rectal Fistula.

Pilo Nidal Sinus :

A sinus commonly found in cocxigial region formed due to unhygenic condition or due to more hair of this portion. It is also cured by ksharsutra treatment.

Best Remedy for Pilo Nidal Sinus :

Ksharsutra treatment is so far the best remedy for Pilo Nidal Sinus.

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