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Mime is an art ignoring which the art of dancing be ever stopped and also the art of action on either stage or screen be also collapsed. It is the only art, which has an international language. This unique art is the only medium to communicate with everyone throughout the world. In the year 1589 a Roman Actor has first performed a dumb show by expressing many gestures and postures without any dialogues. Thus starting of as a solid and interesting art it went on decaying as non repented to have it persuaded.
It is very much attractive to all kinds of viewers since no particular language is used to perform it, and so it is very easy to realise every feeling to all. The unique advantage of mime theatre is that one performer can perform more than one character at the same time as well as several times in a single sketch.
MUK academy is a dual persuasion of art cum physical exercise since anyone duly involved in the art of panto-mime supremely enjoys the bliss of the art which blends dance, ballet, body line movements and also expression of varied body languages. Beside diligent practice, strict discipline, proper and unique guidance of the instructor of the academy Mr. Mukul Dev, who is strongly impressive to the new comers so that they can participate in the training in growing numbers.
Marshal art is known as the mother of all art. Mime is one of its unique branches, which can be said as the grammar of any sort of acting. Drama Audio and Visual acting are the applications of mime since it helps to teach different gestures dealing practical life and how to create various feeling without words, which are essential for perfect acting in Drama as well as Audio and Visual acting. To become a perfect actor in all respect on stage or on screen the necessary requirement is to learn mime first.
During last two decades MUK academy has performed many shows covering a vast territory both in West Bengal as well as outside the state. MUK academy first organised panto-mime competition in India at Theatre Centre, Kolkata in consecutive years of 1981 & 1982. This academy has successfully performed panto-mime in USSR Festival in India, French & German Consulates, Jubaustsav, Gananatya Sammelan Gramin Mela, Calcutta Festival, Bidhan Mela, Street Programs and many other places of different states. Our shows have also been displayed on Doordarshan Kolkata & other channels for several times. Netaji Subhas Centenary, Khudiram Centenary, Natya Mela, Holdia Utsab, Purulia Utsab etc.
Mukul Deb had an inborn inclination towards acting. At a very early age Ankur Theatre was established by him. He was duly trained in acting by Prof. Shyam Mohan Chakraborty as a juvenile arts. Mukul Deb felt a tremendous impetus in panto-mime which attracted him like a very powerful magnet that finally resulted in to his being trained by a pioneer mime personality Sri Jogesh Dutta. Mukul also participated in the workshop launched by Marshal Marseo, the world-renowned mime exponent.

Muk academy was established by Mukul Deb in 1980. It was not only spring time all these thirty years, but Muk academy is still growing though it had to come abreast many a winter and rainy days.
Conducting regular classes and workshops to instill interest of the aspiring learners. Anyone duly involved in the art of panto-mime supremely enjoy the bliss of the art which blends dance, ballet, bodyline movement & expression of varied body languages.

Our themes are derived from day to day life of the modern times and current affairs, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, subject based shows of Rabindranath, National Movements, Independence and other significant facts and features.
EKDIN PATIDIN ( Social-Economic ) MAN MACHINE ( Funny ) VOJ (Social) ANUVHOB (Educational) PUPPET (Social) CHOR POLICE ER KISSA ( Funny ) MIRITYUHEEN PRAN ( Indian Freedom Fight ) IMAGINATION VS REALITY ( Real ) KABLIWALA ( On Rabindra Nath Thakur) PATHER PACHALI (Bibhuti Bhosan Bondayaphadhya) SUBHA JATRA ( Bitter Train Journey ) DOLL'S SHOP ( Funny ) CRICKET HIGHUGHT(Game) ONAPARK(Funny)
Both Male & Female from 5 to 50 age group are eligible to become members of academy.
Every Sunday           :        6 to 8 P.M.
Certificate                :        3 Years Diploma Award
Subject                   :         Mime, Dance and Drama
Fees                       :         Rs 100/- (Admission)
                                        Rs 50/- ( Monthly)
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