dr. timir mazumder
 dr. timir mazumder
 dr. timir mazumder

Minimally Invasive Hysterectomy :

Less pain and scarring. Faster recovery.
Creighton University Medical Center is the only area hospital to perform this surgery with new da Vinci Si Surgical System.
Depending on the situation, this approach typically results in :
  • Significantly less pain

  • Less scarring

  • Shorter hospital stay

  • Minimal blood loss

  • Less risk of infection

  • Faster recovery
Dr. Timir Mazumder

Traditionally, abdominal hysterectomies require a wide incision below the navel. This procedure can be painful, involving heavy pain medications, risk of infection and significant blood loss. After surgery, a long recovery (often 6 weeks) is necessary. In addition, many patients are not happy with the scar left by the incision .