Srabani Banerjee
Srabani Banerjee

 • The Chakkar (skilled dynamic technique) and acting is unforgettable." - Pratidin, 12th November 1995;

 • The total demonstration of the artist (Srabani) speaks of the sincerity and devotion/' -Pratidin, 11th July 1997;

 • "Making waves - home and abroad" - Hindustan Times, 30th July 2001;

 • The performance of Srabani Banerjee was simply charming. She presented Tirbat of 5.5 beats, tukras, paran, thehai of 11 beats and in the last Thumri and drut teental. Her whole performance was spontaneous and natural." - Saptahik Bartamam, 16th August, 2003;

 • "Srabani has excellent Avinaya as Radha in a Thumri "Mora Sainya Bulaeh" was very expressive... students of Srabani in their group choreography give the impression of diligent perseverance" - Ananda Bazar, 18th Oct, 2003;

 • "Attractive performance by PanditVijay Shankarji and his disciple Srabani Banerjee from Kolkata" - Hindustan Times, Varanasi, 9th February 2005;

 • The performance of Srabani (Kolkata) was well appreciated and there was a feeling among the audience that such program to be arranged occasionally."- Surya daily, Andhra Pradesh, 12th April 2008;

 • "Bells sounding rhythm. Excellent Kathak performer"- Andhra Prava, 12th April 2008.