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Company Profile :

It Was Long Back In The Year 1974 An Indigenous company Was Born In Delhi To Produce "REMSON" BRAND PRODUCTS. The past has come to its perfect laudable present and to-day "REMSON" is a household name in Geysers , Mixers , Irons , Small Appliances , Heating Elements , Stabilizers & Fans.

All this has been possible with an uncompromising and rigid attitude to maintain quality and incredible cooperation of its Dealers and Consumers. As tested in Central Govt. Laboratory "REMSON" brand has been rated number one among the Top 10 leading brands in respect of energy saving criteria and also have been awarded with 5 Star rating in Geysers.

All "REMSON" brand products are in-house products. They have their own manufacturing units at Delhi and Himachal Pradesh. In spite of all the hurdles the company avoided branding and preferred to sell its own manufactured products in "REMSON" brand only.

"REMSON" will continue to provide quality products to our Consumers supported by after Sales service.

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