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Surgical Teams :

We work as a fixed surgical team for more than 14 years now. Our team has been marvellous and elegent in providing essential services. I feel proud to say that at the moment in kolkata services I am supported by the best possible surgical team.

Assistants :

  • Dr. Robin Devanath
  • Dr. Sumit Bhaumik
  • Dr. Gourab Das

Anaesthesist :

  • Dr. Paramita Banerjee
  • Dr. Dhrubojyoti Bhowmik
  • Dr. Krishnendu Chowdhuri

Paramedic :

  • Mr. Anjan Das ( 9831410297 )
  • Mr. Sajid Hossain Mondal ( 9748534625 )

Manager :

  • Mr. Tapas Ghosh ( 9831967197 )


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