Male Infertility :

Male Causes :

It counts about 50% of the total infertility

  1. Azoospermia i.e. no sperm.
  2. Oligozoospermia i.e. low sperm count but motility is approachable.
  3. Oligoaesthenospermia i.e. low sperm count and low motility.
  4. Nurozoospermia i.e. dead sperms.
  5. Retrograde ejaculation i.e. semen will go to the urinary bladder.
  6. Presence of antisperm antibody.
  7. Congenital Abnormality that means hypospadious.
Female Causes :
  1. Polycystic overian syndrome i.e. no ovum formation on either ovary and no question of ovulation followed by delayed period only withdrawal bleeding occur.

  2. Endometriosis i.e. backflow of menstrual blood in the abdomen specifically lower abdomen. This endomeriosis may cause so many problems of the recipient for getting conception.

  3. Some Chlamydial pelvic infection may cause addition of uterus and fallopian tubes and ovary.

  4. Presence of antisperm, antibody in the cervix, lower part of uterus and vagina.
  5. Blocking of fallopian tubes : due to previous chlamydial injection or by any infection may cause bilateral tubal blockage and adlecsion of uterus and ovaries.
  6. Congenital abnormality of the Genitalia:

    a) Uni cornuate uterus.
    b) Bi cornuate uterus.
    c) Rockey trouskey Syndrome i.e. presence of fallopian tubes and overy but absence of uterus and vagina.

  7. Ashernear’s Syndrome i.e. Fibrosis of Uterine cavity.

Treatments Done :

  1. Mainly intra Uterine insemination ( IUI ) done here as because he was mainly doing this treatment as H.O.D. at IRM it is a less invasive process with higher success rate.
  2. Monitoring of ovulation followed by Time Intercourse.
  3. IVF, ICSI not done in his unit still now, but he is doing this outside in his own supervision.
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