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Ashokenagar Nattyamukh started their journey on 2nd September, 1999. Avi Chakraborty, Sangita Sarkar, Angshuman Sarkar and Samiran Dey started the group. Invited directors directed the dramas up to 2004. After that the group was spear headed by Angshuman Sarkar who directed ‘Bole’ (2002-03), ‘Beulo’ (2003-04), ‘Avisar’ (2004-05) and ‘Ek Hotochhara Yuddho Chai’ (2005-06).  Avi Chakraborty was the playwright of those dramas.  These dramas also received a few prizes. In the year 2006 Avi started his directorial job through Operation ‘2014’ by Bratya Basu.


The first and foremost thing was that we tried to create a completely different language in the field of theatre. Whether it was self- identity or form, a new character was created. We wanted a completely different form and subject from the then prevalent nature of the drawing room dramas based on middle class values. Hence we started experimentations. Sometime it included space while sometime characters.


We also tried to understood life but in a different perspective..


The outer manifesto comprised of a popular element such as the reality show in ‘Bole’ and the conflict between science and superstition in ‘Beulo’. The people of South Bengal have always been fascinated by snakes. ‘Avishar’ was adapted from the poem by Rabindranath Tagore. Bratya Basu’s Operation 2010 was based on football. Manik Bandhopadhyay consisted of Singur Nandigram of 1970, a story of a farmer who lost everything. Then we have presented Kagojer Nouko, Bisannojon & Muktodhara. To understand and to learn theatre completely we started a theatre journal named Nattyamukh Nattyapatra from the year 2000. Celebrities like Sova Sen, Late Satya Bandhopadhyay, Late Badal Sarkar, Late Navendu Sen, Bratya Basu, Kousik Sen, Abul Bashar, Sathi Lekha Sengupta have voiced their opinion in this journal. This journal has fetched us an award in the memory of Dharani Ghosh in the year 2004 and many others. We have organized theatre workshops many a times. We have organized and coordinated workshops in various educational and corporate institutions.

Postmortem :

   ( Dir. - Ashim Das, Year - 2001 - 2002. )

Mallaybhumi :

   ( Dir. - Udeyni Bhattacharya, Year - 1999 - 2000. )

Bole :

   ( Dir. - Angshuman Sarkar, Year - 2002 - 2003. )

Beulo :

   ( Dir. - Angshuman Sarkar, Year - 2003 - 2004. )

Operation 2010 :

   ( Dir. - Avi Chakraborty, Year - 2004 - 2005. )

Prabhu Bhritya Sambad :


Mr Right :


Ak Hatochara Yudha Chai :


Siladitya :


Garbhaboti Bartoman :

   ( Dir. - Avi Chakraborty, Year - 2014 - 2015. )

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