- The auspicious moment was August 2013 Emerged a group of well wishers headed by a dedicated NRI who dedicated to give service to the mankind and came forward with the noble idea of providing health service to the common people and also to make them aware of their health. Thus they established this non-profit organization which is the flagship of Thakur’s Welfare Society. The sole aim is to provide quality health check up and diagnostic tests at a rate affordable by the common people and which will also keep this benevolent organization afloat for the betterment of the society.  


A clinic, health care facility that treats various types of diseases and injuries


Routine Dental Care, Root Canal Therapy, Scaling and Polishing...


Microbiology, Microscopic Exam, Clinical Pathology.....


E. C. G. (Electrocardiogram)

ECG is a record of your heart's electrical activity.


For good health & relief from joints pain


Thakur’s Diagnostics & Polyclinic is located very near to Dunlop. Set up with air conditioned facility and excellent ambience equipped with state - of - the - art diagnostic equipments for precise diagnosis. Professionally managed by NRI group and local experts who can face your emergency needs.

  Cost to suit your budget since it is a non – profit organization built for serving people at a low cost with
high accountability and with all up to date facilities.
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