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Family Physicians' Association Calcutta
Family Physicians' Association Calcutta

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We are engaged in Philanthrofic Activities

To honour with certificate or medal or cash award to the persons who have done outstanding work in the field of general medical practice.

To create a benevolent fund for the benefit of the needy medical practitioners.

To abolish quackery in all its form medical practice for the security of the life of the publicat large.

To upkeep and maintain the honour of the medical practitioners at Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics, Dispensaries, consultant chambers and to make themselves physically, mentally, socially and economically respectable, sound, superior and worthy for the greater service to the people at large.

To arrange from time to time congresses, lectures, discussion, demonstration exhibitions, symposiums or any aspect of modern medicine and its allied branches.

To provide assistance, help or aid to any educational, medical or charitable institutions regarding hygiene, better health, vaccinations, health check up, family planning, diagnostic camp, eye camp, blood donation camp or programme regarding awareness of early detection of Cancer, AID/HIV or tuberculosis in the society.

To receive donations from generous Trusts, Institutions and collection of the subscription from the members to create benevolent fund and to run association and its activities.

To promote brotherhood and social life amongst the members and their families and to alleviate difficulties and problems of the members in matters connected with the medico legal, medical education, registration medical services and medical Treatment.

Family Physicians' Association Calcutta Family Physicians' Association Calcutta Family Physicians' Association Calcutta Family Physicians' Association Calcutta

The Society is established for public benefit and accordingly the objects and powers of the society will be interpreted and restricted to mean such objects and powers as are regarded in law to be of public charitable nature.