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Welcome to Antar Healthcare & Consultants

We integrate Simulation into Nursing Curriculum and expertise in Hospital Waste Management .
The Antar Healthcare & Consultants( AHC ) is an Organization dedicated to support the Nursing Schools, Colleges and Labs in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka with the most developed technologies and thus provide the best Nursing training to develop proficient nursing talents, extending the finest care to patients.   

As an Organization, we work relentlessly to support all categories of Nursing Labs. We are connected to the best manufacturers of Nursing Lab Equipments all over the world and as a result, ensure best technical support to the Nursing Labs.

Integrating Simulation into Nursing Curriculum

The goal of delivering exceptional health care has been one of the key drivers for the use of simulation in the clinical training environment. Learn the benefits, challenges and emerging trends in the use of simulation technology and how to integrate simulation into the nursing curriculum.

Our Objectives
  • Understand drivers for the introduction of simulation
  • Identify courses within your nursing curriculum to best leverage simulation
  • Locate tools and resources for quick successes
  • Create buy-in with faculty and / or other health care specialties
  • Define measurable objectives for success
  • To excel in building state of the art Nursing Labs that support the development and enrichment of Nursing talents, who are committed to do     the most for the well-being of mankind.
  • Our Mission

    Improve patient safety and quality of care through use of clinical simulation in education and research. We seek to provide the students an exceptional educational experience in a dynamic and diverse learning environment.
    The Organization aspires to lead by being an innovative, creative and responsive solution provider to Nursing Labs, contributing to the well-being of mankind by:

    • Helping the Nursing Labs to prepare graduates with the attributes of a reflective practitioner and future nursing leader.
    • Assisting the Nursing Labs to conduct research, transforming them into nursing innovators

    Providing consultations to the Nursing Labs, allowing them to employ integrated nursing training programs that foster health care literacy of the community.

    Our Goals
  • Enhance and promote patient safety and quality health care by advocating use of simulation in clinical education of health care professionals.
  • Enhance clinical competence of health care professionals.
  • Assess and demonstrate competence of undergraduate and graduate health care providers.
  • Maintain continuing competence of health care providers by using clinical simulation for continuing education
  • Improve productivity and efficiency of health care professionals in clinical settings.
  • Encourage research leading to improvement in clinical education of health care providers.
  • To become the leading organization to support major Nursing Schools to offer programs that help create high caliber graduates in Nursing.
  • New Initiatives

    Hospital Waste Management

    • We specialize in managing Hospital Waste. To this end we employ state of the art equipments and provide the technical know-how to manage projects. We also train employees in Waste Management/Maintenance Department.
    • We also aim to be the most trusted and equipped organization to provide utmost assistance to institutions who intend to train talents on Hospital Waste Management.
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