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Aloke Stainless Steel has been associated with Vinod Brand since its launch in 1962. Aloke Stainless Steel has been doing business since independance and caters to all types of clientelle. Our other brand associates are sunrise, Garuda, Bengani Kraft & Zebra.

Aloke Stainless Steel Store is the sole Authorised Distributor of Vinod Stainless Steel. Vinod Stainless Steel, the " VINOD" brand, was established in a small way in the year 1962. From day one the foundation was laid on Quality and Innovation. Slowly the brand started growing. Inspite of competition from all round Vinod enjoyed higher brand equity with the ‘Trade’ with the ‘Institutions’ and of course with the ‘Customer’. The sole aim of the management was to provide the best quality Stainless Steel table Ware and Kitchen Ware.

"Vinod Steel" today enjoys a unique position in the Indian market. Perhaps the only company which has always been committed to the good quality Stainless Steel being used. The compulsions and opportunities of lowering prices to make profit have not wavered Vinod’s faith in its basic values. Today the Customer has total faith in our quality.

Vinod Products can be matched with the best anywhere in the world. Primarily these products are made to suit the taste of Indian Consumers. Lot of Research and Development has taken place to fully understand the Consumer needs and the utility that the products offer. With experience we have been able to learn to keep Elegance and Durability as our USP’S. ‘VINOD’ products are manufactured from finest quality steel available anywhere and value addition is done in terms of Utility and Presentation. This proves our commitment to Excellence.

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