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Born to the legendary juggler Abhoy Mitra, Mousumi was inducted in the world of juggling at an early age of 7 years who not only encouraged Mousumi but also all his daughters and son in this performance of “Artistic Juggling” among whom Mousumi's affinity to the subject was maximum. Mousumi observed her father's performence in his jugglery acts in many films of Shri Satyajit Ray like Fatik Chand, Joy Baba Felunath etc.  Specially the knife throwing scene in Joy Baba Felunath, motivated her to gain confidence and skill for the subject. She has not only dawn tuned the mantle of a juggler but wishes this profession of art should continue for the next few genres.

Mousumi who made her first stage appearance at the tender age of eight went on to learn the twirling of a ribbon with a stick, twirling of a  paper carpet with stick and has performed in TV  programmes like Chiching Faak, Hare-Kare-Kamba and many others.

She started her career in different shows including Doordarhsan TV channels from DD Jammu and Kashmir long back. She performed many a times in DD Kolkata, Mumbai and various private TV channels. She also performed in Pondicherry (Poducherry) Rishi Aurobinda Ashrama. She was a regular performer in Nirmala Shishu Hriday organized by the legend Mother Teresa during Christmas. She was given the austerity award by Mother Teresa as “Lady Juggler of India”. Her various shows and performances were highly appreciated in different newspapers and magazines including Anandabazar, The Statesman and The Telegraph. She also got some awards from different TV shows and from Mother Teresa.

This art relies entirely on the eye-mind coordination. The art of juggling needs tremendous mind concentration and strong energy level which keeps ones eyes and mind in similar strength. If someone wants their body postures and mind concentration to be strong enough and develop properly, they can start learning juggling from their childhood days.

She wants this juggling art to spread through out India for a better future.
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