Kolkata Orthopedic Doctor

Dr. Ranadeep Rudra

MBBS,MS (Orthopedics), Consultant Orthopedics

Trauma Surgery

Trauma is the branch of surgical medicine that deals with treating injuries caused by an impact. Many trauma patients are the victims of car crashes, stabbings and gunshot wounds. Trauma can also be caused by falls at home in the toilet, bathroom, is in bed or fall from the bed or any small injuries after can involve certain bones & certain joints. Most common fractures that we treat in this institution are, Fracture neck of the Femur & other fracture around the shaft of the femur, distal end of the femur proximal knee joint involving knee joint, proximal tibia shaft distal tibia, Proximal Humerus that means shoulder or elbow, wrist all are very common fractures due to minor injuries from fall or low impact. In the case of severe trauma, such as a catastrophic car crash, the trauma surgeon may be one part of a surgical team that includes vascular surgeons (to repair damage to blood vessels), orthopedic surgeons (to repair broken bones) and other surgeons as needed.

Trauma Procedures that are performed by me on a regular basis are as follows -

- Locking Platform
- Locking Nails
- Pelvic Fracture Surgery
- Poly Traumas