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On 4th July 1998 Arindam Banerjee laid the founder stone of Kalakshetra. Although Kalakshetra began its careeer as Bharatanatyam training school. But it had its vision to emerge as a creative group to rule the heart of the millions. Combining Bharatanatyam with modern choreography, Kalkshetra started representing of creative delicacy of Arindam Banerjee. The very first production of the group is "Desh Amar Maa". The enchanting choreography and breathtaking performances clearly portrayed the unforgateble sacrifices and patriotism of our freaedom fighter. At the Murshidabad Book Fair (2000). The unanimous response earned Kalakshetra 12 outdoor shows included "Kolaghat Festival" (2001 ).Dedication, Inovation and passion to rise in the limelight marked the evolution of Kalakshetra.Unqueness of the group lies in its ability to showcase the essence of a poem or a song or a novel with Bharatanatyam based modern choreography. The creation is created by the brain behind Arindam , the creative director and choreographer of Kalakshetra.

The different productions of the group which deserve mention are -

"Desh Amar Maa" (based on patriotism), "Lap" (based on women ennacipation), "Muktir Pothe" (based on tagore's dance drama chandalika), "Bhanushingher Padaboli" (based on tagore 's song drama), "Swapner Sima" (based on prostitution), "Swapno Sambhoba" (based on the clash of Gujrat), "Kokhono Jabo Na" (based on purnendu poetri), "Asru Nodir Sudur Pare" (based on tagore's poetry 'Badhu'), "Ami Se Romoni Nohi" (based on tagore's dance drama' Chitrangada'performed in the form of Thangta'Manipur), "Sankhacheel" (based on Hemanga Biwas's song), "Kounteo Kama" (based on Tagore's poetry "Korno Kuntir Sangbad"), "Man and Tree" (based on original symbiosis of Man and Nature), "RituRanga"-The supreme Freedom of consciousness (based on Tagore's Rituranga), "Paritranaya Basudevaya" (based on Bhagawat Gita), "Behula Bhasan" (based on sabyasachi dey's poetry), "Nakshi Kanthar Maath" (based on Jassimuddin 's poetry), "Marjina Abdulla" (based on Alibaba and 40 thieves), "Baul" (based on Tagore's poetry ), "Sabina Kanyar Pala" (based on jhumur palagaan), Sesh Shikkha" (based on Tagore's poetry), "Adhara Prem" (based on the life story of a tranzender), "Raas" (based on Sri Krishna and Radha raas in pure form of Kathak), "Ramayana" (based on RamayanKahini performed by only male candidates), "Tasher Desh" (based on Tagore's dance drama and performed by the form of chou dance).

The journey of Kalakshera -

"Kolaghat Utsav" (2001), "Haldia Festival" (2003), "Bokreswar Shilpa Mela" (2004), "Vidyasagar Mela" (2006) 2007 is the special year of the group when it is choosen among the 5group in allover West Bengal by " Dance Mania" the competition organised by Ananda Bazar Patrika. "Rajya Yuva Utsav" (2010). "ICCR" (Satyajit Ray Auditorium). "EZCC" (Purbasree), "Uday Shankar Dance Festival" (2010). "Tagore's Beyond Frotier Festival" ICCR(2010), "Shantiniketan Srijonl Poush Utsav" (2010) "World Dance Day" (accompanied by deptof culture Govt.of W.B.Rajya Sangeet Academy.lndian Councils for Cultural relation Rabindra Sadan, EZCC and West Bengal Dance Group Federation on 2011, 2013,2015) "Basanta Utsav" (arrenged by dance group federation). "Kabi pokkha" (arrenged by Rajya Sangeet Academy).

The Participation Of Group In All Over India -

"Gopalpur Beach Festival" (2010), "Puri Beach Festival" (2011), "Cuttak Dance Festival" (2010). "Bishnupur Festival" (2010), "Kolaghat Utsav" (2011), "Sanskrit Express programme" in Tagore's 150th Birth Aniversary ...2011 Govt.oflndia(Lukhnow)(Varanasi), "Kabi pakkh and Nazrul Mela" (2011), "17thlnternational Puri Beach Festival" (oddisha tourism 2011), "Santhala Inter - State Cultural Festival", Karnataka (here Arindam Banerjee was awareded by Karnataka State Govt.For Best cultural programme) (2013-2014), "Tarva Dance Festival Oddisha" (2015), "Malasree Dance Festival Oddisha" (2015), "Sonepur Dance Festival" (2014), "Chaandipur Dance Festival" (2014-2015). "Kalinga Mahotsav" (2012), "Banpur Mahotsav"(2012), "Talsari Dance Festival" (2015). The group has also performance in Bengali Association, New Delhi in the year of 2012-2013-2014.

The group is also became permanent troup in "Paramhangsha" recognised by Vivada crusiue, under assainged by Tourism of India from 2011, and also being permanent troup in R.V Bengal Ganga crusiue.Assam Ganga crusiue/'Rajmahal antage crusiue recognised by International Tourism Of India.

The Different Productions Of  The Group Which Deserve Mention Are -

  • Lajja (based on women emancipation)
  • Mukhtir Pothe (based on Rabindranath tagores Chandalika)
  • Ami Se Ramani Noi (based on Chitrangada)
  • Kakhanojabo Na (based on Purnendu Patris Megh O Pahar)
  • Ashru Nadir Sudur Pare (based on Rabindranath tagores Bodhu)
  • Sankhacheel (Based on Hemanga Biswas Song "Sankhacheel")
  • Man & Tree (Based on 'Original Symbiosis between Man and Nature')
  • Desh Amaar Maa (Based on Patriotic Song)
  • Rituranga - The Supreme freedom of the consiousness
  • (Based on Tagore's Rituranga and Geographical Concept)
  • Paritranaya Basudevaya (Based on 'Bhagwat')
  • Behula Bhasan (Based on Sabyasachi Deb's Poem)

The journey of Kalakshera is studded with performances in -

  1. 2001 Kolaghat Utsab
  2. 2003 Haldia Festival
  3. 2004 Bokreswar Shilpa mela
  4. 2006 Bidyasagar Mela
  5. 2007 was a special year for the group when it was choosen among the top 5 groups in West Bengal by Dance Mania, a competition organised by Ananda Bazar-Patrika.
  6. Rajya Yuva Utsav
  7. ICCR (Satyajit Ray Auditorium)
  8. EZCC (Purbashree)
  9. Uday Sankar Festival
  10. Tagore Beyond Frotiers Festival at ICCR
  11. Santiniketan Srijani Poush Utsav
  12. World Dance Day (Accompany by Deptt. of Culture, Govt. of West Bengal, Rajya Sangeet Academy, Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Rabindra Sadan, EZCC and West Bengal Dance Group Federation)
  13. Basanta Utsav (Accompany by West Bengal Dance Group Federation and Rajya Sangeet Academy)
  14. Kabipaksha (Accompany by Rajya Sangeet Academy)
  15. Gopalpur Beach Festival (2010)
  16. Puri Beach Festival (2010)
  17. Cuttack Dance Festival (2010)
  18. Bishnupur Festival (2010)
  19. Kolaghat Festival (2011)
  20. Sanskritik Express Programe Lucknow, 2011
  21. Sanskritik Express Programe Varanasi, 2011
  22. World Dance Day (Kolkata) - 29th April, 2011
  23. Kabi Phakkha (Kolkata) - 9th May, 2011
  24. Nazrul Mela (Kolkata), 2011
  25. 17th International Puri Beach Festival, 2011
  26. Rajya Yuva Utsav (Kolkata), 2011

The driving force behind Kalakshetra is the unanimous appreciation, love and affection of the millions of audiences and the Hall of fame in this field. In 2008 Kalakshetra gave the first stage show at Gyan Mancha in Kolkata. 'Swapna Sambhaba', the latest production of the group tell us that "there is still hope for light in which we can dream for a better world amidst the darkness engulfing our society.

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Workshop mit Arindam Banerjee

Arindam Banerjee ist ein erfahrener  Bharata Natyam Tänzer und Choreograph und leitet das Berhampur Kalakshetra. Im Workshop wird er Einblicke geben in die verschiedenen Aspekte des Bharata Natyam wie etwa  Yogaübungen, Mudras und Mantras in Verbindung mit ihrem geistigen Hintergrund, er wird auch grundlegende Tanzbewegungen sowie kurze Tanzstücke, die leicht zu erlernen sind, vermitteln.

17.Oktober 2011, 18.30 – 21.30 Uhr
Meta Theater, Osteranger 8, 85665 Moosach bei Grafing
Teilnahmegebühr 40,00 € / erm. 30,00 €
Tel.: 089-3514

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