About The Institution

Angeekam Kalakshetram is a multi disciplinary performing arts centre founded in 1990 by Smt. Manashi Sengupta. Since its inception Angeekam Kalakshetram has received the patronage of world renowned perforfing artists such Late Guru Bipin Singh , Smt Kalavati Devi , Smt Debjani Chaliha etc. From the beginning of its foundation Angeekam Kalakshetram has nurtured many aspiring performers to realise their potential and has helped many young talents to discover their hidden passions in the realm of performing arts. The students of Angeekam Kalakshetram have performed all over the country in various shows and contests and have won countless accolades for themselves and the institution . Students at Angeekam Kalakshetram have been consistently bright at examinations held by the Bangiya Sangeet Parishad and various other governing bodies.

Angeekem Kalakshetram has some of the best dance instructors and trainers in various disciplines who take personal care in each students growth and well being. Apart from this there are special classes and workshops which are conducted by renowned exponents from various fields.

Angeekam Kalaskhetram is commited to further the overall growth of the children through Music, Art and Dance. Amidst the growing academic pressures it is important the children indulge in some form of extra curricular activities to compliment their studies. Our Institute is a humble effort to promote this cause. At Angeekam Kalakshetram we encourage our children dream, achieve and inspire. Enroll with us and help us to help your child grow.

About The Founder

Smt. Manashi Sengupta L.L.B, is a retired teacher of Our Lady Queen Of The Missions School , a missionary school where she was a dance instructor for 30 years and had helmed a number of successful dance productions. Born into a tradition of music and dance, Smt. Sengupta is a dancer and composer par excellence. Her compositions are a combination of grace and creativity. She has been the recipient of several awards. Besides the Manipuri Nritya Bisharadh she has received various titles in Folk Dances and Rabindra Nritya from Bangiya Sangeet Parishadh. She stood second in the All India Folk Dance Examinations held by Bangiya Sangeet Parishadh.

Smt. Manashi Sengupta received training in the Manipuri Dance form from Manipur under the tutelage of the esteemed Guru Late Natraj Baldev Sharma and even at a young age managed to master the Tandava Lasya and Bhaangi Pareng. At a latter stage she came under the tutelage of the world famous exponent of Manipuri Dance form, the celebrated Late Guru Bipin Singh and his wife Smt. Kalavati Devi  and Guru Debjani Chaliha after which she received the Manipuri Nartan Bisharadh from Manipuri Nartanalya. She has been successfully staging dance performances not only in Kolkata but also across the country. Smt. Manashi Sengupta’s dedication and originality of ideas materialises the moment she sets her mind to work and her creativitry was seen in the beautiful choreographies her students from Our Lady Queen of The Missions School have performed during Kolkata’s Tricentenary Celebrations and at the Inauguration of The SAF Games at the Yuba Bharati Krirangan, where she choreographed the dance routines with finesse and grace earning her accolades from all the dignitaries present at the events. A large number of young boys and girls have been trained by her at Angeekam Kalakshetram in Folk Dance, Rabindra Nritya, Classical Dances and Western Dances , her Dance Drama’s based on Tagore’s compositions deserves a special mention. Her own compositions are a pleasure to watch. She has given solo performances in Kolkata Doordarshan and her students had put up a Television show based on socially relevant themes.

Some of Angeekam’s Productions
  • Kalmrigaya
  • Dhannya Ami ( based on Tagore’s Chandalika)
  • Chitrangada
  • Shaap Mochon
  • Nana Ranger Ek Desh ( An amalgamation of Indian Folk Dances)
  • Ei Desh Ei Maati ( Folk Dances Of Bengal )
  • Lal Monir Haate ( Folk Dance Drama )
  • Anandan ( Based on Classical Songs and Music )
  • Shaktirupeno Sansthita ( Based on women empowerment )
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