Achievement of Nilkantha Ghosal

At present, he is mainly involved with writing novels based on research work under a projection of five books on different subjects. Such four following novels are completed and published. He is now working on such fifth novel and also other new novel at the same time. He was engaged in writing critical essays on the ignoble caste system in our Hindu Communities in general as well as Bengalese. The writer is ardently devoted against casteism and its system as a whole. By the by, his ancestors was victims of injustice of mean casteism in the past. He is also so in his professional and cultural life. His book on Hindu/Bengalee caste and surname system and it future named below has been published earlier. Several books have been published as mentioned here under.

Some of his Published Books : –
Published by PRATIBHAS
Price : Rs. 70/-

The History of our Hindu / Bengalee society is a history of multiform caste and surname system. The whole of the society remains victim of this shameful divisions and their ignoble inherent weaknesses in the field of national unity. This book has analised the matters of this history scientifically. The writer has expressed his confident hope about the ways of eradication of the caste system in this book. 
Published by the Ananda Publishers P. Ltd.
Price : Rs. 400/-

The first of such novels is based on folk culture of South West Bengal, namely Bhadu,  Tusu and  Jhumur and their myths. The novel tells asweet romantic story of PAPIYA and ATANU. Papiya is a researcher on folk culture of "Rarh-bhumi" in distict of Bankura, Purulia, Singhbhum etc. Atanu is a social worker engaged in social forestry. There are several sweet stories based on myths of those folk culture which charmly fascinates minds and imagenations of the readers. It is published in ‘Desh’ patrika, Kolkata, serially and then Published by the Ananda Publishers P. Ltd.


Published by M/s Mitra O Ghosh Publishers' P Ltd.
Price : Rs. 220/-

Doria Ek Padatik is a Novel which is based  on mainly the lives & culture, society and history of Santhals, the most developed communities amongst the tribes of India and also lower and middle layers of Hindu society. Main character DORIA is a poor young and sweetly sensitive girl of very low caste of Hindu society. She loves SANAT, a bold youth, who resides in the forest with so-called terrorists. The novel tells a wonderful story of love and fight of Doria who boldly travels along with sanat through their village society, 'santhal' society and then a semi-urban society also but she never fails in her moral struggles.
Published by PRATIBHAS
Price : Rs. 200/-

His novel envisages a search for Iswarchandra Vidyasagar, the ever modern man with ‘invincible manliness and imperishable humanity’ as per Rabindranath, as to whether he still prevails upon our contemporary society and influence our lives and activities. It is an unprecedented story of search of that ever-modern man and his morals through some lives of a family of our present society namely SHOVANA, MONIBHUSAN, AMALA, PRITAM etc. It is an endeavour to see as to whether that great FIRST MAN amongst Bengalees is still prevails on and influence us. The story envisages how much the great image of Vidyasagar prevails in our society or how much has been damaged in our modern society through our unscrupulous thoughts and deeds. 

Published by the “KARUNA PRAKASHANI”,
Price Rs. 200/-

A brilliant book of collection of essays on language - literature – dramas - culture based on research and published in different magazines in the recent past. This book contains various valuable resources beneficial for the students of colleges and universities as well as general reader. The book contains  21 Essays, 7 Essays on Language & Literature, 5 on Drama & 9 on General Culture & Folk Culture.


Published by the “GANGCHIL”,
Price Rs. 225/-

A book of deep research. It contains critical essays on the social and cultural philosophy of Swami Vivekananda. The writer clearly and candidly expressed his opinions and assertions on the basis of the books, lectures, letters, etc. of Swamiji.  He opined that the personality of Vivekananda as a great and very uncommon social philosopher and revolutionary in his thoughts, writings and activities is marvelous combination of spiritualism and materialism, though contradictory to each other. The writer opined that Swami Vivekananda had been consistently fighting along his life in his inner-self with the aim of bringing them in an adjustment for peaceful co-existence in the human soul. The book is published in Calcutta Book Fair.



Published by the “PRATIBHAS”,
Price Rs. 350/-

A Novel of research on the history of Bengali drama movement during the era of group theatre since the advent of people`s Drama Movement through IPTA and the Drama Nabanna in the early Forties. The story of the novel depicts the cultural life of the artists of a theatre group. Particularly the novel contains some valuable and nice imaginary meetings in between six renowned theatre personalities like Bijan Bhattacharjee and Sombhu Mitra , Utpal Dutta , and Badal Sarker, And Ajitesh Bondopadhyay, and Mohit Chattopadhyay. Important Scenes of one each of their dramas are also included. The book is going to be published shortly.



( Stories for minors)
Mitar Khonje
( Novel for minors)
Mansadaher Briddha Bat (Stories)
Ami Achhi Ami Thakbo (Poems)
Balaygrash O Anyanya NataK (Drammas)
Akaran Noy Tabu Baran (Poems)
Banglabhashir Atmadarsan
Books to be Published :-


A Novel for minors. The story is about a boy who is in love and fascinating with various dreams. The book is to be published soon.

Prizes :
  1. Nipasree Sahitya Puraskar for drama (1985)

  2. Chabbish Parganas  Sahitya & Loksanskriti Parisad Puraskar for poetries (1988)

  3. Mahendra Tattwanidhi Smritipadak for literature (1989)

  4. Sopan Sahitya Puraskar for drama (1997)

  5. Srijansil Sahitya Puraskar by ‘Publishers & Book sellers Guild’ Kolkata for the novel Bhumikanya (2004)