About Dr. Chittabrata Palit :

Dr. Chittabrata Palit, an alumnus of Presidency College (1957-1963) (b. 1943), is an ex-Professor of History at Jadavpur University, Kolkata. He read at Presidency College and Calcutta University for his B.A. (Hons.) and M.A. Degrees in History in both of which he stood first class third. He obtained common-wealth scholarship in 1971 to go to Cambridge for his Ph.D. He worked with Prof. Eric Strokes on Agrarian Change in Bengal in the 19* Century for which he was awarded Ph.D. in 1975. He has also been a Fulbright visiting fellow to USA, at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and Towson State University, Towson Maryland (1994) and taught Indian History there. He was also a Wellcome Trust Visiting Scholar at Cambridge in 1993. He has been Indian delegate to many International Conferences at Cambridge, London, Shiraz, Toronto, Lake Geneva, Carbondale, Washington, Boston, Dhaka, Brighton, Beijing and Tokyo. He has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society, London in 2005. He has been a member of the Indian Historical Records Commission, National Commission for History of Science etc. He is vice-president and fellow of a number of Indian Academic Associations and is currently President of the Fulbright Alumni Association. His major works include Tensions in Bengal Rural Society, Commerce and Industries in Bengal, Science and Nationalism in Bengal, Scientific Bengal and History of Medicine in India (ed.). He was UGC Emeritus Fellow, Jadavpur University, Kolkata and former Director, Institute of Historical Studies, Kolkata. He is currently director of " Corpus Research Institute".

He has also been appointed Emeritus professor of History, Jadavpur University, since 2012. He continues to be project fellow of Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi for the 15 years. He was appointed External Expert of Bihar Public Service Commission for 2012 & 2013. He was chosen a member of the Indian Delegation to the International Conference of History of Sciences, held in Manchester in 2013, where he presented appreciated paper on “Girish Chandra Bose & Indian Botany”.

Attended international conference on history of Science & Teaching at Manchester in June, 2013 as an Indian Delegate. It was a wonderful platform of global academic exchange. Many old friends like Roy Mcleod of Sydney and Dominic Ujastick of Vienna who keep my track.

Attended IAHA conference at Solo Indonesia in June, 2012. It was a pleasant surprise to find that Indonesia admired Indian scholars more than Western Scholars. The airport of entry & exist of Kuala Lumpur, a cosmopolitan city with a sizable Indian population. It is also a beautiful city of twin towers and people are very warm hearted particularly Pakistanis running the Lahore restaurant.

Dr. Palit, retired from Jadavpur University 2010. He had founded Corpus Research Institute with his ex-students in 1996. He has taken over as its president. Located in Jadavpur Park, this has become a venerable institute of advance studies and research. It has more than thousand members placed in numerous colleges and universities in West Bengal. It has published more than fifty titles so far in the field of inter disciplinary studies. All these publications are highly acclaimed. It has also launched two journals “Clio” in English and “Abahaman” in Bengali which are recognized by Central and State Government. Dr. Palit himself has written more than hundred books specialisizing in economic history and history of science in Bengal. He has guided more than hundred students in PhD and MPhil, who are now established scholars in different educational institutions. At the same time he holds the post of director of the Institute of Historical Studies, Kolkata an institute, of international repute. He has edited a dozen books of high merit and edits its reputed journal the quarterly review of Institute of historical studies.

Corpus Research Institute
22/282, Jodhpur Garden,
Kolkata - 700 045, West Bengal, India.
Ph: 91-33-2422 9901 / 2422 6778
  1. Centenary History of the BNCCI Project, 1986- 1987. Work completed & published by BNCCI, Kolkata 2000.
  2. INSA Project on "Science & Nationalism in Bengal, 1876-1947,1998-2001. Work completed. Two reports ready
  3. ICHR Project on Bengal before & after Partition: the Profile of a Province', 2002 – ongoing.


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  17. Girish Chandra Bose, A Pioneer Agronomist of India. [ An INSA (Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi Undertaken)
  18. A recent title “Authentic Gandhi” as just been published by Kundu Books, New Delhi, in 2013.
  19. "Jatiya Vigyan Charchar Janak – Mahendralal Sarkar” – an enlarged and revised edition by Kriti, Kolkata in 2013.

Bengali Books:

  1. Baki Etihash Akhando Corpas 2015, Book Fair.

Edited Books:

  • The Enquirar
  • Proceedings of The Hindu Theo - Philanthropic Society.
  • Science & Environment.
  • Impact of Ancient India on South - East Asia.
  • Centenary History of National Test House
  • Rev. K.N.Banerjee 200th Birth Anniversary Volume.
  • Bengali intellect & education NCE Bengal centenary volume.
  • Authentic Gandhi
  • Ultimate Tagore

Articles in Journals & Periodicals :
(Some of the later articles are mentioned, here)

  1. 1977-1978 - 'Rich Peasants in Bengal Rural Society: The Dinajpur Jotedars 1800 -1950' in Quarterly Review of Historical Studies, Vol. xvii
  2. 1979 - 'Young Bengal: The Quest for an Identity, 1830-1880' paper presented at the Nagpur Session of the IHS & published in QRHS, 1982.
  3. 1986-1987 - 'Rural Transition in India: A Synoptic Note* in Journal of History,
    Jadavpur University, Vol. III.
  4. 1986-1987 - 'National Council of Education & National Science' Paper presented at the National Conference of the Institute of Historical Studies at Agra. In Press.
  5. 1990 - The Origin & Development of the Calcutta Medical College & Hospital’ in Souvenir of the Calcutta Tercentenary Seminar, organised by the India Pharmacological Society, Kolkata.
  6. 1993 - 'Ayurveda in Colonial Bengal' in the Souvenir of the International Seminar on Traditional Medicine organised by the Indian Pharmacological Society.
  7. 1994 - 'Orientalism, William Jones & Oriental Studies' in Journal of the Asiatic Society: Vol. XXXVI, No. 4, 1994, Kolkata.
  8. 1997 - 'Mahendralal Sircar & Popular Science' in The Indian Archives, by National Archives, New Delhi, 1997.
  9. 1998 - 'Mahendralal Sircar & Homeopathy' in The Indian Journal of History of Science, by INS A, New Delhi, 1998.
  10. 1998 - 'Breakup of the Joint Family & the Birth of Individualism', in Quarterly Review of Historical Studies, Kolkata, 1998.
  11. 1998 - 'Social Background of Militant Nationalism in Bengal' in Quarterly Review of Historical Studies, Kolkata.
  12. 1998 - 'Gandhi's experiment with Truth' in the Bulletin of the Ramkrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Golpark, Kolkata, 1998.
  13. 2001 - 'Modernity of Tradition: Ayurveda in Colonial Bengal' in Journal of History (Special Number), Jadavpur University, Kolkata, 2001.
  14. 2002 - The Crusade for Calcutta' forthcoming in Indian Historical Review.
  15. 2002 - 'Satish Mukherjee and National Education' in Journal of History, Vidyasagar University, Midnapore, Vol I No 1
  16. 2002 - 'Subhas Chandra Bose- A Literary Appreciation' forthcoming in the Journal of History, Jadavpur University.
  17. 2002 - 'Green Imperialism' forthcoming in the Journal of History, The University of Burdwan.
  18. Presented a paper on "Unani Medicine" at the Conferrence of "The International Association of the Historians of Asia", at SOLO, Indonasia.

Edited Journals :

  • Abahaman (Bi-annual) (Chief Advisor - Dr. Chittabrata Palit)
  • CLIO (In English on History) (Annual) (Editor - Dr. Chittabrata Palit)
  • Indian Journal of Popular Culture – an E-Journal in ISSN.
Continued :
  • 2003 March - Prof. Gopal Ch. Bhattacharya Memorial Award for contribution to History of Science given by Bengal Science Association.
  • 2003 August - Vice President Fulbright Alumni Association, Calcutta.
  • 2003 - U. G. C. Resource Person and speaker at a number of colleges in West Bengal.
  • 2003 November - Chairperson and speaker at the 43rd Annual Conference of Institute of Historical Studies, Udupi, Karnataka.
  • 2004 January - Chairperson and speaker at the second Biannual International Conference of Indian Association of. Asian and Pacific Studies at Sambalpur University, Orissa.
  • 2004 February - Resource Person and speaker at the History of Science Workshop at the Asiatic Society, Kolkata.
  • 2004 March - Vice President, Socio-economic, Research Institute, Kolkata. 
  • 2004 March - Prof. H. K. Barpujari Memorial Lectures on Science and Nationalism at the Institute of Historical Studies, Kolkata.
  • 2004 March - Resource Person, Speaker and Chairman at the National Seminar on Rivers and Society at the Department of History, Jadavpur University.
  • 2004 March - Resource Person, Speaker and Chairman spoke on Ayurveda in colonial Bengal at the International Seminar on the Quest for Identity in Modem India organised by Corpus Research Institute. Calcutta.
  • 2004 March - Resource Person, Chairman and speaker at the International Seminar on History of North Bengal Organised by North Bengal University at Maldah College Auditorium, Maldah, West Bengal.

International Award :

  • Legend of History of Science awarded by International Conference of History of Science Kolkata Chapter Jan 2015.



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