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Diamond Pack
is a manufacturing industry, that produces vacuum/plastic products and high-speed vacuum-Thermoform Packing Machine. This factory is located in Howrah, which has convenient transportation network and beautiful environment.

The factory employed professionals, owned modern full automatic machines and equipment. A quality management system for Quality Assurance was successfully implemented in the factory.

The Vacuum/Plastic Products from this factory is suitable for packing: Food, Fruit, Health Care Products, Statonary, Hardware, Craftwork, Games & Toys etc.

Frequently Used Material: PET, PS, PP, PVC, BOPS. etc.

1. Advanced production facility: The factory has CNC mold working centre and advanced vacuum plastic production line and relative equipment.

2. Exquisite, Hygeian, Clean and Orderly are four principles guiding the work house management.

3. Reasonable Price: The factory can offer products made by variety kind of material, domestic material and imported material are available.

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