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Artist in Focous :

Painting is my first love. No other thing on this earth can satisfy my passion as much as it can. So, only with a view to being intimately associated with this world throughout my life, I decided on art as a career choice.

Beginning of my journey in the art world dates back to when I was only ten. Then, after completing my academic course in school, I took admission in the Govt. Art College, Calcutta. Thereafter, I joined the Lalit Kala Academy, Kolkata where I have been doing research, for the last 20 years, on this subject as a working artist.

I grew up in the lap of nature. It is this nature that is integral to my life. Since my childhood days, I find myself closely identified with the broadness of Nature which appears to me as an embodiment of beauty and tolerance. My attachment with the Nature is so deep that it runs, quite naturally, through my works as a leitmotif..

Oil is my most favorite medium. My paintings are generally done on canvas in oils by Spatula, which is used to thicken the layer of colour, is also an important tool for me .I have a predilection for ‘Relief’, which demands thick layers and textures. I feel Nature can best be presented in such ‘Relief’.

My works on the theme of ‘Nature’ with having the application of the ‘IMPESTO’ technique have received rave reviews so far from different corners of our country. Some of them also fetched me a good monetary returns.




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