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About Our Group ...

Rangapat, organised in September 2003 on the auspicions day of Mahalaya, Registered officially on 5th January 2004 as “RANGAPAT 2004” is a young emerging Theatre group of Kolkata. Though new, but its activists are all established and dedicated performers of & off the stage. Theatre fanatic actor & activist as well as reputed physician Dr. Tapanjyoti Das founded the group in association of the legendary poet & play-wright Mohit Chattopadhyay, nationally renowned thespian Arun Mukhopadhyay, esteemed painter Samir Aich, politician & social activist Kshiti Goswami and theatre patron Samar Mitra. Later joined and worked a lot of actors and activists including a handful of wholetimers too, apart from few part-time and invited artistes.

Rangapat started its journey with Jyotsna Kathamala (2004) a multiple media presentation, later produced 2 short plays : Sonar Chabi (2004) & Chokhe Angul Dada (2004)
and 4 long plays: Parabas (2005), Tusher Agun (2006), Aurangzeb (2008),Jhumjhumi (2008) & Muktadhara (2010). Now Rangapat has started research & rehearsals for its new play ‘Tathagata’ based on life & lessions of Goutam Buddha, which is scheduled to be presented in public by end of March 2011. Thereafter we have a handful of productions in pipelines.

Besides, the group is continuously bringing out Rangapat NATYAPATRA, our Annual Theatre Magazine, since 2004, valuable & voluminous with research works on life & creations of legendary playwrights & thespians, paintings of eminent painters as well as regular features like plays-photographs & articles.

At the same time, Rangapat organises Seminar - workshop - Play writing competetions - Awards - Festivals and Felicitations. And also, Rangapat contributes to remit social commitments by organising THEATORCH, its theatre awareness curriculum amongst school & underprevileged children, also by offering financial aids to the activists in distress & people in disasters.
In no time, Rangapat dreams to open up its Theatre school, Rangapat NATYAVIDYALAYA, for budding theatre-internees.
To conclude, Rangapat though being a new comer, but has already put its footprints in the society & Theatre-arena for its courage & skill to pave through the untrodden & traditional paths with all passions & positivity for Theatre and that odyssey will countinue ad infinitum!

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