In the modern scenario Interior Decoration has become inventible part of structural designing. If we give a more inside look we definitely find that interior decoration was always a part of ethnic integrity among any communities irrespective of Geographical barriers.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as an organized specialized in Interior Design and contracting work backed with eight years of experience in execution of different projects.

We have the necessary skills to analyze client requirements and put forward appropriate solutions. Well versed in the task of consultation, information gathering and analysis, which forms the basis of any creative activity, we formulate and communicate optimum proposals.

Designo World aims to provide practical and cost effective design work and contracting services and through knowledge and experience can provide a level of services that would meet the requirements of the most exacting clients.

  • Total renovation work at South Point Junior and Senior School
  • 29 numbers of residential projects at Hiland Park including Pent House and Duplex.
  • Residential project at Diamond City Enclave.
  • Residential project at Orbit City.
  • Peerless Hospital executive ward false ceiling design.
  • Residential project at Mani Karan.
  • Residential project at Mani Ratnam.
  • Residential project at Club Town Enclave.
  • Residential project at Club Town Estate.
  • Residential project at South City.
  • Residential project at Green Field Hights
  • Global Project Management Solution office project.
  • Residential project at Srachi(New Town Kolkata).
  • Residential projects at Diamond City North.
  • Axiom estates Kolkata office.
  • Supreme Sanitary Showroom
  • Office project for Atha Group (Atha Mines) at Barbil, Orissa.
  • Residential projects done at Mani Residency
  • Planning, Designing & Execution
  • Furniture Work
  • Modular Kitchen
  • False Ceiling (Plaster Of Paris
  • Gypsum Board & Wooden)
  • Plumbing Work.
  • Wall Painting / Fine Arts
  • Flooring (Marble, Tiles, Wooden)
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Wall Mural
  • Wallpaper
  • Civil Works, Internal Modifications