Actor - Reciter

Bijaylakshmi Barman




'GANDHAR' a theatre group based in Kolkata was established on 3rd June, 1962. 'GANDHAR' has so far produced about thirty plays.

Among highly acclaimed productions, notables are as under:

1) GHORAH - an adaptation of Julius Hay's The Horse by Bimal Bandopadhyay (1972).

2) NEELAM NEELAM - an adaptation of Arthur Miller's The Price by Asit Mukhopadhyay (1987). This production fetched many awards. Notable among these are Shriomani Award, Natya Akademi Award by Govt. of West Bengal, Ritwik Ghatak Award.

3) VOMMA - an adaptation of Anton Chekhov's Uncle Vanya by Navendu Sen (1989). The production earned Lebedev Award and Govt. of West Bengal's Natya Akademi Award.

4) VISARJAN - by Rabindranath Tagore (1991).

5) TAKHAN BIKEL - an adaptation of Aleksie Arbuzov's Old World by Mohit Chattopadhyay (1992). Award by Natya Akademi, Govt. of West Bengal. From Punarmilan (1970) to Takhan Bikel, all GANDHAR plays were directed by Asit Mukhopadhyay.

6) NAAM BENAAM (1996) - Directed by Dwijen Bandopadhyay.

7) JAARAA BRISHTITE BHIJECHHILO (1997) - based on a long poem by Jai Goswami. Directed by Gautam Halder of Nandikar, this is a solo performance by Bijoylakshmi Barman. A successful production, acclaimed by theatrelovingpeople and theatre personalities, drama critics. Award by Natya Akademi, Govt. of West Bengal.

8) CHAR DUAR (2002) - based on a Marathi play by Prashant Dalvi, this play has been directed by Meghnad Bhattacharyya of Sayak. Char Duar has bagged two prizes in the Dishari Awards, 2003 - the best actress and the best supporting actress.

9) SATYAASATYA (2005) - Based on J. B. Priestley's Dangerous Corner, this is an entirely new kind of experimentation.

10) KACHHER MANUSH (2007) - Based on a Marathi play by Dr. Shirish Athavale, this play has been directed by the renowned film maker Gautam Halder. The production has earned rare acclaim.