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Lasers in Aesthetic Surgery

In the recent times people come for rejuvenation but they are not willing to undergo surgery. They ask for procedures which are less traumatic and less invasive . Patient look for a faster return to their work and life. They want to look younger, youthful and with a smooth and natural looking appearance.

Laser is one, such machine which is now in great demand for achieving facial rejuvenation. It is a powerful tool in treating patients. Different types of medical lasers are now available for specific applications.

Lasers are 2 types - ablative and non-abalative.

Ablative lasers- peel the skin by vaporization and remove a portion of all the epidermis and parts of the dermis. Non- ablative lasers- improve the skin quality without removal of skin or vaporization. The dermis and deeper dermis can be damaged by targeting the chromophores in the dermis or the dermal epidermal junction. The photo thermal heating of the dermis increases collagen production by stimulating the fibroblasts resulting in remodelling.

Non- ablative lasers- improve the skin quality without removal of skin or vaporization. The dermis and deeper dermis can be damaged by targeting the chromophores in the dermis or the dermal epidermal junction. The photo thermal heating of the dermis increases collagen production by stimulating the fibroblasts resulting in remodelling.

Liposuction (Fat Reduction)


Liposuction is the process wereby Fat can be sucked out of the body through fine canulas that are connected to a suction machine.

Liposuction is the removal of excess fat, something many people can readily identify with. The process involves use of specially designed canulas connected to suction machine that sucks the fat out. It’s by far the most popular form of cosmetic surgery and has become a household term.


Lliposuction is done to remove localized areas of fat from any part of the body, usually from Buttocks, Thighs, Back, Abdomen, and arms etc. It is often difficult for the patient to decide between an abdominoplasty and liposuction.

Liposuction does not tighten skin although sometimes the underlying tissue seems pulled tighter by a thin layer of scar tissue (adhesions). Liposuction can contour the body and the skin shrinks in.

Liposuction is used to sculpt areas and can also suction out large amounts of fat to treat obesity. A newer technique called ultrasonic liposuction may be able to remove larger amounts of fat. 

Cellulite is not usually improved by traditional liposuction and in some cases may be made worse.

Body Contouring :
Hair Transplantation :
• What Is Hair Transplantation?

Hair Transplantation Refers To The Surgical Movement Of Permanent Hair With Its Roots To An Area Of Bald Or Balding Skin. Hair Transplantation Is An Effective And Permanent Solution For Hair Loss.

• How Does It Work?

In Almost All Cases Of So-Called "Male-Pattern Baldness", There Is A Permanent Fringe Of Hair Along The Side And Back Of The Scalp. This Hair Demonstrates "Donor Dominance". This Means It Will Grow Permanently Even If It Is Moved To An Area Which Is Bald Or Balding.

• What Does The Procedure Involve?

Hair Transplantation Is Done Under Local Anesthesia As An Outpatient Procedure. Hair And Follicles Are Removed From The "Donor Area" Of Permanent Hair Along The Back And Sides Of The Head. This Area Is Immediately Camouflaged By The Surrounding Hair.

The Removed Hair Follicles Are Then Divided Into Individual Grafts Of Varying Sizes. The Smallest Grafts Contain 1-2 Hairs And Are Often Referred To As "Follicular Units" Or "Micrografts". Larger Minigrafts May Contain Up To 6 Hairs And Can Provide More Density Per Graft. Choice Of Number And Type Of Graft Is Made Taking Into Account The Patient's Hair Type, Quality, Color And The Area To Be Transplanted. Once Prepared The Grafts (Hair And Its Roots) Are Then Inserted Into The Thin Area.
Breast Augmentation and Reduction :

Surgery of the breast is known as mammoplasty. .It may be augmentation, reduction, mastopexy and reconstruction. In males large breast is known as gynaecomastia. Augmentation mammaplasty is done to increase the size of a small breast. It can be undertaken by placing a silicone implant or muscle or fat behind the breast.

This is not a surgery to meet beauty ideals. It can help boost ones self esteem and self image however. So discuss your expectations with your physician to make sure you are getting a breast augmentation for the right reasons. If you are just looking for improvement, then you are probably a good candidate. The process involves surgery an implant is inserted under the breast which can increase the size by one or more breast sizes.

The breast implant consists of a silicone shell filled with either silicone or saline. While this is a pretty simple operation, there still is an element of risk. One possible problem involves the breast becoming stiff due to the hardening of the shell. But it is not as common now. There is also the risk of an infection. Consult your physician to gain a better understanding of the risk and to decide whether this surgery is the right move for you.

The improved quality of the implants has reduced the incidence of capuslar contracture today. Not one case of contracture since in these last 25 years.

Facelift :

Often people will find themselves looking in the mirror and realizing that their facial features are lacking a certain quality. Perhaps they have wrinkles or simply a haggard appearance. The face lift is an available option to remedy this. Generally speaking, the process tightens the skin and the underlying fascia of the face which then removes large creases and wrinkles from around the nose and mouth. Both the face and neck can be treated at the same time. A good facelift with SMAS can last atleast 10 years.

The process involves an incision but it’s made in a way in which the scarring is not visible. Usually the cut is made on the scalp or the natural lines on the face. In the case of men, the incision can be made along the beard line so it can easily be disguised by sideburns. After the incision is made, the skin is then freed and detached from the tissue. Excess fat is then trimmed or removed. The subdermal fascia is plicated and the skin is pulled back and the excess skin is trimmed away. 

The surgery can last anywhere between 2-5 hours, which mainly depends on the patient’s needs. Even though the scars hidden, they usually take about a year to heal/disappear. Very few patients experience intense pain after surgery, but painkillers are often prescribed.

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