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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading suppliers and stockist of Drills & Taps. Since our inception in 1967 we are serving our customers with good and prompt supply of materials as per their requirement. We are authorised dealer of ADDISON & CO. LTD. metal cutting tools. We are Authorized Distributors of "SGS" USA make Solid Carbide Tools and are specialised in Extra Long Drills from 100mm long up to 1500mm long.

We are stockist of:

  • Carbide Tip Circular Saws for Wood & Metal
  • HSS Drills & Reamers
  • HSS & Carbon Hand Taps
  • HSS Milling Cutters
  • HSS Powersaw Blades
  • HSS Extralong Drills
  • Solid Carbide Cutting Tools
  • M15 CTC Chasers
  • M15 CTC Single Angle Cutters
  • HSS Tool Bits
  • Carbide Tip Drills & Milling Cutters
We are suppliers of:
  • Precesion Measuring Instruments & Hand Garage Tools
  • GI Pipes & its fittings
  • High Tensile Fastners

It is our belief that has been strengthened with years of experience that none of the services offered are complete without a universal feature i.e. Economy. We combine this element with all others that we have to present a customized package for our customers who have never found a reason to look for alternatives since we first served them.

We solicit a dialogue with your organization for getting associated with you, whom we hope, will be mutually beneficial.



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