Case Study :

Surgery Name: Custom Fit Knee Replacement Surgery

Patient’s Name: Hsieh Wei Tang

Location: Kolkata

Description of the Problem:

Mr. Hsieh Wei Tang has been running a restaurant for several years. Mr. Hsieh Wei Tang and his wife did the cooking themselves. They did not hire anybody to cook. So he had to work very hard. Due to standing for long time during cooking, his knee has started hurting. His leg felt heavy and he could not lift it. He was suffering for 1.5 years. Every night after returning home he used to massage his leg, put ointment etc, but it did not work. When the pain increased, he went to a doctor. But his pain gradually became more severe. He took lot of medicines, but it did not help at all. One day one of his neighbour gave him the address and phone number of the doctor. And then he got in touch with the doctor. Finally he went to Fortis Hospital to get his operation.

Treatment / Remedy:

On 28th Feb, 2011 Mr. Tang underwent a custom fit knee replacement surgery at the Fortis Hospital under Dr. Rakesh Rajput. This was the first such surgery done in Eastern India. After operation he should be on walker for 4 weeks and on stick for 2 weeks. Normally, there is a lot of swelling and stiffness in the knees of the patients. But with this kind of patients, the swelling and stiffness is almost nil. With the help of physiotherapy the patient gradually become improves. It reduces the operative time.