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Kolkata - 700 101, West Bengal, India
Phone No. : 91-33-2571 8520
Contact Person : Mr. Atin Bandayopadhyay [Novelist]
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Atin Bandopadhyay is the renowned Bengali Novelist, Short Story. He is the Milestone of our today’s Bengali Literature. He has borned in 1934 in Rainadi Village of Dhaka District of undivided Bangal in a famous culture family. His father Abhimanyu Bandopadhyay and mother Labanya Prabha Devi. In his childhood, he started his schooling in Sonar Gram Panam School. By the partition of Country, he had to land in India permanently. Then he completed his entrance examination. Staying temporarily here & there, he ha to lead a uncertain & movable life at tht critcal stage but he had always taken his struggle as enjoyment which had made him today’s Atin Bandopadhyay – one of the top most famous Novelist – Cum- Writer of Bengali Literary World. He had completed his B.Com in 1956. Then he passed P. G. B. T. Examination. He had traveled all over world as a sailor, sometimes he had lead his life as a track – cleaner at his early time. After that he had taught at Primary School. He had become the Head Master of High School. Then leaving his head-teaching job, he had finally settled in Kolkata in 1963. Then he had taken the job of a Manager of a Factory. After that, as an advisor of a publishing company and lastly as ‘Journalist ‘ by profession. His first story published in “Abasor” Magazine in Boharampur in 1958. He had achieved “Manick-Sriti Award” after writing the Novel “ Samudra Manush”. He had achieved “Bankim Award” in 1998 for his Novel “Dui Bharatbarsha”, achieved “Bhualka Award” in 1993 for the Novel “Pancha Yogini”. In 1991, he gained the “Bibhuti Bhushan Smriti Award”. In 2001, he got the “Sahitya Academy Award”. In 2003, he gained the “Sarat Smriti Award”.
In 2008 he had been achieved the Award “Surama Choudhury Memorial International Award” in Literature / Journalism, 2008, for his very popular novel creation “Neel Kantha Pakhir Khonje” with a respectable financial appreciation of amount 10 Lakhs.
He achieved awards like Motilal award,Tara Sankar Smriti award, Narayan Gangopadhyay and Sudha award of the Calcutta University. He had strength.
On our Bengali literature by his great creations of novels, stories, short stories in enormous numbers. Some of his highlighting creations:-
“Neelkhanthe Pakhir Khonje”, “Aloukik Jaljan”, “Ishwarer Bagan”, Manusher Hahakar”, “Abad”, “Debi Mahima” “Tukuner Ashukh”, “Dui Bharatbarsha” and “Jhinuker Nouka” etc.



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