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M.A.(History) and (Political Science), LL.B., D.Litt. (Honoris Causa); I.N.C. (West Bengal); s. of late Shri Kamada Kinkar Mukherjee and Shrimati Rajlakshmi Mukherjee; b. at Kirnahar, District Birbhum (West Bengal), December 11, 1935; ed. at Vidyasagar College, Suri, Calcutta University, West Bengal; m. Shrimati Suvra Mukherjee, July 13, 1957;


Teacher, Journalist and Author; President, State Unit of Congress Party in West Bengal,1985; was Chairman, (i) Campaign Committee of Congress (I) for conducting national elections to Parliament in 1984, 1991 and 1996 and (ii) Group 24 (a ministerial group attached to IMF and World Bank),1984; Chairman, (i) Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs since June, 1998 and (ii) Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Science and Technology, Environment and Forests, 1997; Member, (1) Congress (I) Working Committee (the highest policy making body of Indian National Congress), 1978 - 1986 and again since 1997, (2) Board of Governors of (i) International Monetary Fund, 1982-85, (ii) World Bank,1982-85, (iii) Asian Development Bank,1982-85, (iv) African Development Bank,1982-85, (v) Business Advisory Committee, (vi) Committee of Privileges, (vii) Committee on Rules and (viii) Consultative Committee for the Ministry of External Affairs; Treasurer of the Party,1978-79; rated as one of the best five Fina nce Ministers of the World for the year 1984 according to a survey of Euro Money-a journal published from New York; his leadership in the Ministry of Finance and other Economic Ministries was well acclaimed, nationally and internationally; was considered as the key figure in formulating economic policies of the nation for a long term; under his stewardship, India earned distinction of not withdrawing the last instalment of IMF loan to the extent of US $ 1.1 billion; was considered as ranking Minister and presided over the Cabinet meetings of the Union in the absence of the Prime Minister during 1980-85; Deputy Minister, (i) Industrial Development, Februa ry, 1973 January, 1974 and (ii) Shipping and Transport, January, 1974 - October, 1974; Minister of State for Finance, October, 1974 - December, 1975; Minister of Revenue and Banking, December, 1975 March, 1977; Cabinet Minister of Commerce and Steel and Mines, January, 1980 - January, 1982; Cabinet Minister of Finance, January, 1982 December 31, 1984 with additional charge of Min istry of Commerce and Supply, September to December 31, 1984; Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission, June, 1991 - May, 1996; Cabinet Minister of Commerce, August, 1993 February, 1995; Cabinet Minister of External Affairs, F ebruary, 1995 - May, 1996; under his leadership, India was made "Full Dialogue Partner" of ASEAN; presided over SAARC Council of Ministers' Conference, Ma y, 1995 and November, 1995; Leader of Indian Delegation to (i) Commonwealth Finance Ministers Conference, 1982, 1983 and 1984, (ii) Annual General Meeting of World Bank and IMF 1982, 1983 and 1984, (iii) Annual General Meeting of Asian Development Bank, 1982, 1983 and 1984, (iv) Ministerial Conference of WTO, Marrakesh, 1994, (v) UN General Assembly 1994 and 1995, (vi) Commonwealth Prime Ministers' Conference, New Zealand, 1995, (vii) Social Summit, Copenhagen, 1995, (viii) 40th Anniversary of Asian Conference at Bandung, 1995, (ix) Conference of Commonwealth Heads of Governments (CHOGM), Auckland, 1995, (x) Non-Aligned Foreign Ministers Conference at Cartagena, 1995; and (xi) UN, 1995 and 1996; Leader of the House, Rajya Sabha,1980-85; elected to the Rajya Sabha in July, 1969, re-elected in July, 1975, August, 1981 and again in August, 1993.


Travels abroad     : Travelled all over the world.


Publications         : (i) Mid-term Poll, 1969, 

                                (ii) Beyond Survival : Emerging Dimensions of Indian Economy, 1984, 

                                (iii) Off the Track, 1987,

                                (iv) Saga of Struggle and Sacrifice, 1992 and 

                                (v) Cha llenges before the Nation (on Indian National Congress),1992.


Favourite pastime and recreation : Reading, gardening and music.


Permanent address     : No.2 A, Second Floor, 60/2/7, 

                                         Kabi Bharti Sarni (Lake Road),



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