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Mamta Banerjee – The name that Calcutta will not forgot for more than hundreds of years. She is at present Railway Minister and presented the railway budget a few months back, this budget is much more friendlier than any other railway budget so far. This budget has lot more for Calcuttans. She never misses any opportunity to help the poorer section of Calcutta. She is totally committed to help the people of Calcutta in all means. She had struggled a lot in her early life. Previously she was in Congress but after that she left Congress and made a new party called Trinimul Congress. Her party is supporting the NDA Government backed by BJP and its allies in Centre. She is one of the legends ever born in Calcutta.


She meets with general public and hears their problem and tries her level best to solve their problem. The lives of Calcutta’s poor have come to be linked closely with her name, though the association is often made in a spirit for removed from her own endless unforced love of suffering man. If the name of Satyajit Ray come to be inextricably linked to Calcutta, then there is also one other person is synonymous with that of the city – Mamta Di, famous all over the world as Mamta Banerjee.

Biographical Sketch
Father's Name   		Late Shri Promileswar Banerjee

Date of Birth   		5 January 1955

Place of Birth  		Calcutta (West Bengal)

Marital Status  		Unmarried

Educational 		M.A., B.Ed., LL.B., Trained in Work Education
			Educated at Calcutta  University (West Bengal)
Profession  		Political and Social Worker

Permanent Address  	30-B, Harish Chatterjee Street, Calcutta-700026
			(West Bengal)
			Tel. and Fax (022) 4753000
Present Address		C-4, M.S. Flats, 
			B.K.S. Marg, New Delhi-110001
			Tel. (011) 3722975
Positions Held  
1970-80		General-Secretary, Mahila Congress (I), West Bengal

1978-81		Secretary, District Congress Commitee (Indira) 
		[D.C.C. (I)], Calcutta South

1984		Elected to 8th Lok Sabha 

1985-87		Member, Committee on the Welfare of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
		General-Secretary, All India Youth Congress (I) Committee

1987 		Member, National Council, All India Youth Congress (I)

1987-88		Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Home Affairs

1987-93		Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Human Resource Development
1988		Member, Executive Committee, Congress Parliamentary Party [C.P.P. (I)]

1989		Member, Executive Committee, Pradesh Congress Committee [P.C.C. (I)], WB

1990 		President, Youth Congress, West Bengal

1991		Re-elected to 10th Lok Sabha (2nd term)

1991-93		Union Minister of State, Human Resource Development,
		Department of Youth Affairs and Sports; and Women and Child Development

1993-96		Member, Committee on Home Affairs
		Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Home Affairs

1995-96		Member, Committee on Public Accounts

1996		Re-elected to 11th Lok Sabha (3rd term)

1996-97		Member, Committee on Home Affairs
		Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Home Affairs

1998		Re-elected to 12th Lok Sabha (4th term)

1998-99		Chairman, Committee on Railways
		Member, General Purposes Committee
                	Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Home Affairs

1999		Re-elected to 13th Lok Sabha (5th term)

13 Oct. 1999	Union Cabinet Minister, Railways 
Books Published
(i) 	Upalabdhi; 
(ii)	Janatar Darbare;
(iii) 	Maa;
(iv) 	Pallabi;
(v) 	Manabik(in Bengali); 
(vi) 	Struggle for Existance;  
(vii) 	Motherland (in English); 
(viii) 	Crocodile Island

Social and Cultural Activities  	
Connected  with different social  and Human Rights  organisations; providing free legal aid to 
the poor and working for the protection of human rights

Special Interests  	
Protecting human rights

Favourite Pastime and Recreation  	
Music and writing 

Countries Visited
Angola, France, Malaysia, Maldives, Russia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, U.K., U.S.A. and Vietnam


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