JOINT Replacement __________________________

Damage to a joint can cause life-limiting mobility problems and chronic pain. The orthopedic surgeons at Sutter work with thousands of patients each year, helping them overcome joint-related problems, often through nonsurgical and minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery techniques. Sutter orthopedic surgeons provide skill and experience in repairing, reconstructing and replacing joints.

Exercise and Mobility Videos
View our hip and knee joint replacement exercise and mobility videos for patients recovering from surgery. These videos were created by Sutter Physical Therapists and approved by Sutter Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Repair and Reconstruction
Joint repair and reconstruction procedures are advancing rapidly and Sutter orthopedic surgeons remain in the forefront of providing the latest treatments proven to deliver consistently good results. Cartilage restoration techniques, Holmium laser treatments, implants of ligament tissue and artificial ligaments, and shockwave therapy are just a few of the many advances Sutter orthopedic specialists offer.

Total Joint Replacement
When damage from arthritis or injury is severe, a total joint replacement is generally recommended to reduce chronic pain and increase mobility. Many patients receive referrals to a Sutter orthopedic surgeon from their primary care doctors because of the expertise available and outstanding results. Sutter orthopedic surgeons routinely replace knee, hip, and shoulder (standard and reverse prosthetics) joints and other joints as needed.

Sutter joint replacement specialists offer open surgery, minimally invasive and computer-assisted surgeries at Sutter hospitals in the region. The Joint Replacement Center at Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento (SMCS) additionally offers patients the support of a dedicated team that includes certified orthopedic nurses, surgical nurses and technicians dedicated to caring for patients undergoing orthopedic surgery, including joint replacement. Sutter orthopedic surgeons perform more initial and revision total knee and hip replacement surgeries than any other Northern California provider.

In addition to current treatments, several Sutter orthopedic surgeons are actively involved in clinical trials, providing patients access to the latest advances. If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial, talk to your surgeon about current clinical trials seeking volunteers.