Master Magician Amar Kumar (Kolkata)
EVENTS CATEGORY : School, Collage, Office, Club, Corporates, NGOs, Restaurants, Street,  Product Promotion, Social awareness, Social Gathering, Corporate Launching, Corporate Parties Promotion Events, Road Shows, Hotels & Schools, Birthday Parties, Marriages & Other Ceremonies.

ABOUT ME : Disciple of Jadu Guru Samiran Acharya, Master Magician AMAR KUMAR, is India's finest, with an amazing repertoire of mind-boggling Illusions, Cabaret-style Magic, Close-up Magic, Conjuring acts, Mentalism,  ventriloquistand more....all combined to produce the best Magical Entertainment in the country.

He has been entertaining audiences across the country and in over twenty state, for over twenty one years, on Live Stages, Television, Corporate events, Award Nites, Celebrity shows, N.G.O.s, Channels Government’s Projects, Charitable Foundations Mega theatre.....

Magician Amar  Kumar  has been moving his magic-wind when he was fifteen years old. He would perform for his family, neighbours and friends. He started performing professionally in his early twenties. Since then he has performed thousands of magic shows for all types of audiences.

Magician Amar Kumar who in bestowed with magical arts instinctively. Since his childhood, he is dedicated to overthrow his pearls of magic leaving a spell-bounded impact on the minds and hearts of audience and spectators. In his professional strength he performed lots of shows for Schools & Club Shows, NGO’s & Corporates. His magic is full of entertainment.

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