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We have a whole new range of ayurvedic and aroma products which include the following:

Face Wash



Face Toner

Hand & Body Spa

Orange Face Wash

Tea tree Spa Shampoo

Mint Face Wash


Latest Offers :

Offer (1) facial, hair spa, manicure, eyebrow@ 399 only.

Offer (2) any 4 services @500 only&any 5 services@575 only.services are facial, manicure,hand polishing (ANTI-TAN),hair spa,oil massage +steam,shampoo,normal hair cut+blow dry, pedicure, footspa (anti-tan), ful hand wax, half leg wax, under arms wax+eyebrow, body massage (45mints), ful body pack (anti-tan), back polishing, 1 sitting anti-dandruff&anti hair falling treatment.

Offer (3) facial, hair spa, manicure, pedicure, ful hand wax, de-tanning hand pack, half leg wax, foot pack, 1 sitting anti-dandruff & anti-hair falling treatment, body polishing (anti-tan); eyebrow+upper lip+under arms wax @799 only.

Offer (4)  4 sitting of anti-danduff& anti hair falling treatments. (once a week)+ one 45ml hair lotion for home use, @550 only.

Offer (5) 4 sitting of anti dandruff&anti hair falling treatments + 4 sitting hair spa(arometic) for hair smoothing +100ml hair lotion for home use @1100 only.
Offer (6) bridal package - (normal) bridal facial (aroma gold/pearl/wine, with double pack&machine), face bleach, manicure, ful hand wax, pedicure, half leg wax, body polishing, hair cut (advanced)/hand polishing, underarms wax, face threading@ 1500 only.
Offer (7) pre-bridal spa package=wine/gold/chocolate body spa (2 hours), bridal facial, ful hand underarms wax, ful leg wax, face threading, pedicure, foot spa, face bleach with neck (gold or fruit), advanced hair cut/back polishing, manicure, hand spa(anti-tan), hair spa@2700. pre-bridal spa package+bridal make up+hair do+sari drapping+minakari chandan/bindi setting@6500 only.
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