Operations Carried Out by DR. D. ROY

  1. ENT and Head & Neck                    : Cancer Surgery
                                                     Adenoidectomy +/-
                                                     Laser or Radiofrequency Grommets

  2. Ear Surgery                                     : Tympanoplasty

                                                                                    Grommet Insertion
                                                                                    Cochlear Implant

  3. Snoring                                             : Laser or Radiofrequency

  4. Voice Surgery                                 : Thyroplasty

  5. Nasal Surgery                                 : Septoplasty

  6. Sinus Surgery                                  : Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

  7. Throat Surgery                                : Tonsilectomy  
                                                     Micro Laryngoscopy

  8. Facial Cosmetic Surgery               : Nose Reshaping
                                                     Protruding Ears
                                                     Botox Injection
                                                     Filler Injection
                                                     Face Lift
                                                     Hair Removal
                                                     Mole Removal
                                                     Sun Spots Remove 
                                                     Scar Revision
                                                     Skin Cancer
                                                     Birth Marks Remove 

  9. Head & Neck Cancer                      : Throat Cancer  
                                                     Tongue Cancer
                                                     Thyroid Surgery
                                                     Parotid Surgery
                                                     Submandibular Surgery

  10. Maxilo Facial Trauma                : Nose Fracture
                                                    Jawbone Fracture
                                                    Facial Fracture

  11. Rejuvenation Surgery               : Facelift
                                                    Neck rejuvenation
                                                    Eyelid surgery
                                                    Photo rejuvenation
                                                    Laser resurfacing
                                                    Botox, Collagen
                                                    Chemical peels

  12. Cosmetic / Corrective Surgery  : Rhinoplasty (Nose reshaping)
                                                    Otoplasty (Protruding ears)
                                                    Scar revision
                                                    Chin improvement

  13. Blemish Removal                          : Sun spots
                                                    Birth marks
                                                    Thread veins

  14. Laser Treatment                           : Photo rejuvenation
                                                    Skin resurfacing
                                                    Hair removal
                                                    Vascular lesions

  15. Skin Cancer                                    : Comprehensive care for the treatment of benign and malignant skin lesion of the face, scalp                                                 and neck.