About Us :

Unique Friendship is a concept for building friendship. This social network can make you find the partner of your choice. Here we give you the space to express those inner feelings that you never have expressed the unsaid words, that you never spoke, the dearest perceptions, that you never conveyed. Unique Friendship makes it easy to find people who share your hobbies and interests. You can share your innovative and add a wide variety of online communities to discuss the issue of your choice. By this communities you can reconnect your long lost friend to depict the sweet memories once again by using our site and facilities.

Unique Friendship gives you the opportunity to find other singles in similar situation to yourself; this is the first unique and original community offering friendship.

We know the value of your favorite memories, likings, and planning, are priceless to us. So put your first step in to our network to know the initial of the partner you choice. Because we know love is not a four lettered word only. it is the meaning of life.

Are you tired of your flow less daily life? Does it seem that you are alone in the deep agony of life and roaming in the city of no mans land? We believe even lonely less can be shared with those people who are trembling in the dark like you. You can interact with the people alive and make a community of friends. We assure you to change your monotonous life style. We bring you the touch of artistic atmosphere while you stay with us.

In the ongoing practice of power climbing we support your moralities. For any moral help we stand beside you as a friend.

Do not get worried for privacy it is courageous dependences our moral responsibilities so registered now to put your first step with us and make us a part of rest of your bright steps

Unique Friendship offers the Mutual Friendship.

1) Mutual Friendship.
2) Customer Care Facilities.
3) 100% Privacy.
4) 100% Matched Friendship according to location,gender,age and free time.
5) Call received only in preferred time
6) Dignified Friendship.
7) Get-together.

Terms and Conditions:

1) At the very first day of registration,we will provide phone numbers according to your Gender,location and free time.
2) We will provide help lines numbers with individual Member ID.
3) During the time period,we will provide phone number in weekly basis according to your gender,location and free time.
4) After expiration of your,you can renew your account with nominal charge.
5) Member can get the numbers either by telephone or from website,but not from the both.
6) We guarantee to provide at least one friend with opposite gender near to your locality.
7) For getting huge number of calls,we will not be responsible.
8) All the liabilities under above terms & condition will go to yourself.
9) We are not liable for any kind of illegal dealings/relations among the members.We just act as a introducer of the noble Friendship.
10) If any member cheated/ill behave by any other member(s) then we will take necessary legal steps with the cancellation of the corresponding member's membership.
11) All the legal steps should be under the honorable jurisdiction of Calcutta High Court.

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