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Mausumi  Bhar is acclaimed as an artist par excellence of Bharatnatyam and Manipuri dance form. An Exponent of Bharatnatyam she is a disciple of Guru Thankamani Kutty and received training for Manipuri dance under the guidance of Guru Bipin Singh, Darshana Jhaveri & Kalavati Devi. Her dance is poetry with mastery over technique and style. She has an impassioned dancer of her own distinctive style where Abhinaya and Nritya integrates lyricism, symmetry, precision and poetry. Her study, perception and experience have helped her to explore the ideals of dance. There is a synchronisation of typical body language and musical movement. Her dance form is a fusion of the poetry of words, music and movement.

                               Her choreography speaks volumes of her knowledge and dexterity over her dance form. Through demonstrations and workshops she has created an awareness of Bharatnatyam and Manipuri as a dynamic evolving dance tradition. Every presentation is a celebration of the mastered dance form created into an artist's delight. She is an artist's of distinctive Tanjore style in Bharatnatyam and RAAS in Manipuri dance form. Her biggest achievement lies in winning the hearts of the people of USA through her workshop, demonstration and her excellent performances.

                     A dancer, choreographer and a teacher - she has merged creativity with Mastery.

Major Performances:

1. Puri Beach Festival
2. Konark Dance Festival
3. Khajuraho Festival
4. Mahavali Puram Festival
5. Dover Lane Festival
6. Udaysankar Dance Festivals
7. Kuchipudi Village Dance Festival
8. Tirupati
Tirumala Devasthanams Festival

International Performances & Workshop:
Performances at Stanford & Georgia University, University of Washington at Seattle, Puerto Rico (US). Workshop & Performances in New York, Bryn Mawr & Haverford Colleges in Philadelphia. Pittsburg, Chicago, Detroit, Portland, Seattle & Los Angeles from August to October -2007.

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