Voice of Trio Documentation
A. Voice of Alakendusekhar : 

In the year 1981, Eminent Painter Ganesh Pyne inaugurated my Exhibition of Paintings “Sundarbad 81, Asundar-er Jantranay” at South Gallery of Academy of Fine Arts. Lady Ranu Mukhopadhyay was present inside the Gallery. I think, it was a memorable moment in my life and I felt that I was honoured for the first time in the world of my creation. I can remember another memorable day in my creative life, on the evening of 3rd December 1983 when I recited my poem “Atmo-Charit” (on the film “Gandhi” by Sir Richard Attenborough,  from my collection of poems “Atmo-Bilas”) at Mahabodhi Society Hall, Kolkata in a poetic assembly arranged by Koustav, presided by noble thinker Shri Shibnarayan Roy. I felt honoured by the third time when “Jatiyo Sahityo Prakashan Trust” awarded me “ Rajyo Kobi Sammelan Puraskar” in the year 2000. I had taken the award from  Former Central Education Minister, Dr. Pratap Chandra Chandra in presence of poet, publisher editor Shaktimoy Das and Dr. Sudhir Bera at Mahabodhi Society Hall. On the long way of my creative life,  I got inspiration from Rabindra-Jibanikar Pravat Kumar Mukhopadhyay, Annada Shankar Roy, Bigyanacharjyo  Satyendranath Basu, Professor Bhupendranath Ghosh, Annada Munshi, Satyajit Ray, Budhhadeb Basu, Bishnu De, Comrade Mujaffar Ahamed, Subhas Mukhopadhyay, my elder brother Purnendu Pattrea, Ramkinkar Beiz, Painter Sunil Das, Rittwik Kumar Ghatak etc.

B. Voice of Lalita :

Consciousness may be called waves of feelings in mind. Construction and de-construction are the results of wave nature of feelings. Time can not be bound by limit. When we observe sea, we cannot see the opposite beach of the vast sea. So, time is often termed as sea of time. A sea has vibrations of various types. Consciousness undergoes vibrations with time. All these vibrations may be instantaneous but their existence must be admitted. Consciousness of time-waves is a dynamic equilibrium of construction and de-construction. A sensitive mind can feel that this time-wave vibrations are the vital force behind creation and destruction. Consciousness vibrates like a boat in the vast sea of time. Vibrations exist  and cause creation. Without vibration,  we feel the ceasing of creative fire & dimension.

I express my sincere indebtedness to my generous predecessors who helped me to stand on my own foot throughout my life. May God bless  all and May peace prevail on the earth !

C. Voice of Maharshi :

I believe in humanity and manifestation of peace , emotion, desire, love & passion . I like nature, people, plants, animals and birds, greenwood avenues and profound nostalgia. I love colour and brush, music, poetry ,films, theatre , dance and other kinds of  art & culture. On the way of my journey, I got inspiration from my father Sri Alakendusekhar Pattrea  & my mother Smt. Lalita Pattrea & my wife Tapasi , Painter Sunil Das, Lt. Lady Ranu Mukhopadhyay, Lt Pravas Fadikar , Former Minister of Culture & Information, Government of West Bengal, Shri Debabrata Chakraborty , Artist , The Statesman,  Lt  Bijoy Krishna Chanda, Ex-Head Master , The Scottish Church Collegiate School, Primary Section, Andrews Buildings , Professor Amitava Sen, and so many people . I am thankful to all of them. I am also thankful to all of my friends who inspire me always on the way of my journey to my world of creation. I have so many sweet memoirs in my life. I will never forget in my life one of such moments, when Shri V , Balsara blessed me in my Exhibition Gallery on Devatar Gras at Academy of Fine Arts and kissed me after viewing my paintings . I will never forget affection of Smt. Ranu Mukherjee and her affection  is till a priceless treasure to me. It’s my great pleasure to paint or to write poems and features & articles. I am fond of traveling and photography also. I like to roam here and there outside or inside Bengal often for close association with nature and people , to interact with the people and nature , specially rural sides, forests and hill area. I also love the turbulent and silent  waves of sea and vast endless blue welkin, yellow mustard fields and my most favourite river “Rupnarayan”.